NFL’s Michael Bennett Handcuff Footage – Claims Hispanic Police Were Racist Against Him (VIDEO)

Michael Bennett, a defensive lineman, for the Seattle Seahawks, was partying at a club on the Vegas Strip (without his wife?) following the recent Mayweather/McGregor bout last week. Reportedly gunshots were heard inside the club and Bennett ran from the scene. Police responded, and he was among some who were detained. It was this action which Bennett is now claiming included abuse by the Vegas police officers (which video suggests are Hispanic) for nothing more than “…being a black man.”

Bennett claims a gun was pointed at his head, his life was threatened, and a knee was put into his back so he couldn’t breathe. His statement of the incident also indicated he feared he would never see his wife and kids again. (Who were of course likely back home and not partying with him at the Vegas club.) He is now threatening a Civil Rights violation lawsuit.

Video of the altercation shows no such threat or the alleged overly-aggressive treatment against him by the Hispanic police officers who Bennett implies are racist. Interestingly, the Black Lives Matter group is repeating Mr. Bennett’s statement but not responding to  the actual video footage. It is believed Bennett’s claims of racism will now lead to further protest among NFL players who will refuse to stand for the playing of the National Anthem. Bennett has been among those who have already chosen to protest.

Here is the video. Judge for yourself if Mr. Bennett’s claims hold merit. Perhaps more video will later surface that might support his version. Officer Jacinto Rivera told The Associated Press that Las Vegas police are checking for video and written reports but can’t immediately verify Bennett’s account of events.