NICE! Actress Nicole Kidman Says She Supports President-Elect Donald Trump (VIDEO)

The beautiful dual citizen (born in Hawaii but raised in Australia) actress indicated during an interview that it’s time all Americans to support their new president. Kidman’s comments were in direct contrast to fellow Oscar-winning actress, Meryl Streep, whose now-infamous recent Golden Globes speech implored members of Congress to continue fighting against the soon-to-be President Trump. Streep also went on to mock Middle Class America’s love of sports such as football and MMA fighting, which she derided as lacking “true art.”


Kidman is married to longtime Country Music superstar (and fellow Aussie), Keith Urban and lives with Urban and their two children, in Nashville Tennessee. Country Music stars were an entertainment demographic that indicated far more support for Donald Trump during the election than those actors and musicians who exist in the far-left liberal-land of New York and Hollywood.