Obama Campaign Manager Wants Pollsters “Shot” For Recent Polls Showing Democrats Losing Support Among Voters

Jim Messina is an odd guy. Always has been.  Always will be. He was the lumpy outcast with a penchant for canoodling just enough with the then-Obama campaign’s legion of media supporters to give himself some political street cred. Work was easy back then though. Obama had few strong opponents in D.C., and fewer still among the media elite.

Then came Donald Trump and Jim Messina’s world was turned upside down. The manufactured polls he once used to great effect to manipulate opinion and validate Barack Obama have been discarded in favor of a single Trump Tweet. And now when those same once-friendly polls show Mr. Trump gaining in popularity and Democrats increasingly despised, Jim Messina offers up this rather aggressive solution:

“I think all public pollsters should be shot.”

You think Messina is kidding? Then you don’t know Messina.

He represents the angry, frustrated, petulant Obama-era in Washington D.C. that has been so determined to destroy the Trump presidency because the Trump presidency has been so effective in cleaning the stain left on the nation by the previous administration.

It is worth noting that when confronted with a reality they don’t approve of those in and around the Obama Machine so often and so quickly call for the cause of that reality to be destroyed.

These people were running the country (into the ground) for eight long years. They are increasingly desperate to be running it again. The first big step toward that goal is the 2018 Midterms.

Hopefully, the American voter has something else in mind.