Obama Destroyed 303,000 Manufacturing Jobs. Trump Has Already Created 378,000 Manufacturing Jobs.

The far left often shouts how they are devoted to ‘facts.’ Okay, here’s a particularly glaring fact regarding how little Barack Obama cared about Working Class Americans and how Donald Trump is making good on his promises to save that same Working Class. Over eight years, Obama oversaw the loss of more than 300,000 manufacturing jobs in America. (And don’t forget – he said those jobs were ‘never coming back.’) Families and communities suffered even as the Obama White House simply urged people to sign up for ‘free’ money and then continue voting Democrat. By contrast, in less than two years, Donald Trump has overseen the return/creation of nearly 380,000 manufacturing jobs – jobs that are benefitting Americans regardless of color, gender, and yes, political affiliation. In fact, in some states, these new jobs are going primarily to Democrats. That’s the kind of president Donald Trump is – he truly wants to help everyone.

Voters would do well to remember that when it’s time to vote during the Midterms this November.