OH. MY. GOODNESS. Obama Just Said The Most Stunningly Idiotic Thing EVER. (VIDEO)

This is beyond the pale and if he was not afforded the 24/7 protection of the Mainstream Media, there might very well be calls for a medical competency investigation.

Barack Obama just stood before the media in Paris and while speaking of the Planned Parenthood shooting in Colorado that those kinds of mass shootings,  “just don’t happen in other countries.”

He made these comments just a day after he left flowers at the sites in Paris where a multiple mass shooting terrorist attack killed HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE.

What is going on with this president that he would say such a thing? How removed from even his own reality and surroundings is he to stand before a people still traumatized by the single deadliest mass shooting attack since World War Two and tell them they in fact did not just suffer that event?

Is Mr. Obama so invested in talking down to America, does he so despise the United States he cannot conceive that terrible tragedies do in fact occur elsewhere around the world? Or when he is given a script does he not have the mental capacity to see beyond that script and realize how it does not apply to the real-world situation he finds himself in?


It should be said again – if this was a Republican president who said something so stunningly inaccurate and insensitive there would be open calls from the media to investigate his mental competence.

Watch the below video and remind yourself this man spoke these words in PARIS FRANCE after that city and that nation was dealt its worst mass killing in decades.

This is frightening on all kinds of levels: