Ooof. Hollywood Deletes American Flag From Moon Landing.

Hollywood continues to openly erase history and shrug as they do so. This deletion activity links modern Hollywood to the dubious traditions of Hitler, Stalin, Mao, and every totalitarian authority like them who knew that to control the future one must first move to rewrite history in their own image. The soon-to-be-released ‘First Man’, a film on the life and remarkable achievements of Neil Armstrong, (starring a Canadian and directed by a Frenchman) chose to omit the planting of the American flag when it recreated the moon landing. The reason? Apparently the filmmakers wanted it to reflect an achievement for ‘humanity’ and not just the United States. 

A recent international film festival audience is said to have been ‘thrilled’ by the omission. 

What a surprise.

What’s next Hollywood? Liam Neeson playing Martin Luther King Jr.?