OUCH. Rudy Guliani Declares, “Hillary Clinton Better Get A Lawyer.”

Calling the Mueller probe a gang of “demented prosecutors” and laying out the long myriad of crimes for which Hillary Clinton appears guilty of, is Rudy Guliani at his best or his worst, depending on one’s own political leanings. What Mr. Guiliani makes very clear is this—President Trump was proven innocent of Russian collusion and alleged obstruction.

The same cannot be said for Hillary Clinton and yet the media and Democrats continue their attempt at a political witch hunt instead of actually trying to do the work of the American people. Watch as Mr. Guliani comes right out and warns Mrs. Clinton that she better get a lawyer because if she isn’t being investigated already, she soon will be. (And then brings in some Joe Biden information as well.) This is the kind of television moment that doesn’t come around too often and then rocks the foundations of the D.C. Swamp that President Trump continues to be so determined to see drained.

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