Pelosi Unhinged: “DACA Is OURS! Understand? OURS! We Don’t Dare Let Him (Trump) Take It Away From Us.”

Apparently, nothing spooked House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi more in the last few months than President Trump’s willingness to get something done regarding illegal immigration and the DACA mess that was left behind by the previous Obama administration. That reaching across the aisle moment by Mr. Trump is said to have infuriated Pelosi to the point she delivered a scathing rebuke to her staff that apparently made clear that under no circumstances was the President to be allowed to make any bipartisan headway on the DACA issue before the 2018 Midterms.

“DACA Is OURS! Understand? OURS! We Don’t Dare Let Him (Trump) Take It Away From Us.”

When some Democrats balked at Pelosi’s demand (while also suggesting it was long overdue the nearly-eighty-year-old Congresswoman step down from the party leadership role she has tenaciously clung to for decades) she literally roared her discontent in what was described as a profanity-laced tirade that sent staffers scrambling for cover.

Two weeks later Pelosi was standing on the floor of the House Chambers delivering what her supportive media contacts lovingly described as the, “longest speech in House history.”

The primary subject of that speech was DACA. Few actually watched or heard it. That wasn’t the point. The real reason was Pelosi’s attempt at performance art. She was obsessed with taking back the DACA issue for herself while also trying to prove to other Democrats that she still had the physical stamina to do the job. (One staffer remarked how Pelosi still dreams of being House Speaker again. When the issue comes up she’ll start to nod and blink rapidly and declare, “I’ll do it. I’ll do it. You’ll see. You’ll see.”)

She stood in four-inch heels. She read from the Bible. At one point she asked for a rosary. Other Democrats were ordered into the chambers to stand with her and applaud. Most went grudgingly.

And after?

Everyone left. The media moved on. A single Trump tweet garnered far more attention than all of Pelosi’s eight-hour, self-serving act. One of the newer Democrat members of Congress, who is quite familiar with Pelosi’s “bizarrely out-of-touch”  walled-off existence in San Francisco, dismissed the entire thing as a “sad joke.” This Democrat likens Pelosi to a mannequin. It’s dressed up by others, moved about, but underneath it all, there’s nothing there.

“The lights were turned off on Pelosi years ago but because she’s been living in the dark for so long she hasn’t noticed.”