The Pentagon Lost 10 TRILLION Dollars & Says It Has No Idea Where It Went

That’s 10 TRILLION – with a “T”. 

Apparently, running a shadow government is getting expensive…

Via Common Sense Evaluation :

“Over the last two decades, the Pentagon has lost an astonishing $10 trillion dollars… and the Defense Department has no idea where it went! 

…Without the mandated audit, the Department Of Defense could be purchasing damned near anything, at any cost, and use, or give, it — to anyone, for any reason. 

Worse, contractors greedily sink hands into lucrative contracts — with all the same supply-based waste at every level, from the abject disaster that is the $1 trillion F-35 fighter program, to the $8,123.50 shelled out for Bell Helicopter Textron helicopter gears with a price tag of $445.06, to the DoD settlement with Boeing for overcharges of a whopping $13.7 million.

The latter included a charge to the Pentagon of $2,286 — spent for an aluminum pin ordinarily costing just $10 — the irony of whose 228.6 percent markup cannot be overstated.”



A 228% markup is no accident. It is a money laundering scheme which allows the government to annually shift hundreds of billions of dollars every year to programs far removed from oversight. Senior members of Congress know of this. They approve of this. It is why certain organizations have given millions to their re-election campaigns over the years.

That money is not given because they like one candidate over the other. That money is given because that politician has their hands on the very deep and dark pockets of the U.S. government shadow machine.

TEN TRILLION DOLLARS over two decades has disappeared. That is money that went to terrorists. Money that went to stir up wars that in turn created an “immigration crisis” that continues to flood Western Civilization. Money that funds false climate change “science” to further debilitate developed nation economies.

Too conspiratorial you say? Really?

Ten trillion dollars has vanished. If that isn’t enough to give one reason to wonder what the hell is going on, what is?

That money went somewhere, right?