When People Repeat Obama’s Job Creation Lie, Show Them THIS

Barack Obama has been boasting more and more how his administration “created” some 15 million jobs. 

That number is, in economist terms, gross negligence, as the following chart so clearly shows:

On the left we see how Obama’s often touted job creation has fallen way short of population growth – meaning more people but fewer jobs is the true hallmark of the Obama economy.

Contrast that to the Ronald Reagan years when job creation greatly outpaced population growth, meaning that for those who wanted to work, they could – and they did.


And then there’s the matter of labor participation. During the Obama years, the percentage of the population who were working and paying taxes, plummeted. During the Reagan years, it skyrocketed.

So to anyone who tries to repeat the Obama claim about his having created some 15 million jobs, show them the above chart in order to give them some much needed perspective.

The Obama economy has been horrible for America, and especially horrible for the Middle Class – period.