POTUS Trump Masterfully Brings Attention To 3rd World-Like Congressional Districts In America

“How about we spend less time on divisive politics and more time on helping to make America better for its citizens?”

So goes the suggestion from President Donald Trump as he looks out upon example after example of congressional districts that are, for lack of a better term, “sh*h0les.” 

From Baltimore’s Elijah Cummings, (in Congress for 23+ years) to San Francisco’s Nancy Pelosi, (in Congress for 32+ years)it seems members of Congress care more about their power in Washington D.C. and very little about the districts and the people they are supposed to represent. 

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ABOVE: The sense of hopelessness has long been prevalent in Elijah Cumming’s scandal-riddled Baltimore and has become much worse over his 23 years in Congress. In 2018 USA Today named it “the nation’s most dangerous city.”

BELOW: Speaker Pelosi’s San Francisco is hardly any better as the gap between the rich and the poor is as great as any place in the world while homelessness and violent crime keep rising and human waste literally fills the streets.

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PBS is airing a documentary on the rat/society problem in Baltimore—problems that largely originate from a near-complete lack of leadership and basic competence from figures like Elijah Cummings. President Trump is right to call them out. Stop the politics of division. Stop the fake investigations that further divide. And stop screaming things like “racist” every time someone points out how Democrat policies so often destroy the people and places they touch. President Trump has done more for minority communities across America in less than three years than Democrats like Nancy Pelosi and Elijah Cummings have done after decades in Congress. Voters would do well to remember that and stop rewarding political incompetence in favor of actual real-world results that the president has delivered for ALL Americans time and time again.


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