POTUS Trump To Do-Nothing Congress – Give Americans Their Tax Cuts Or Get Out

Team Trump is on something of a roll of late. (Even as special counsel Robert Mueller tries to find something, anything, to harm Trump with) He successfully used a few Democrat leaders to alarm Republicans enough to revisit dismantling Obamacare. His approval ratings have bumped up. The economy is chugging along at a respectable if not yet spectacular pace. World leaders have learned to respect his refusal to play by their rules. And his base of millions of supporters remain as devoted to the Trump agenda and Trump the man as ever.

Which bring us to the ongoing dance between an increasingly capable and confident Trump and an arrogant, petulant, do-nothing Congress. POTUS Trump is sending a clear message to Republican leaders: Give Americans their tax cuts or get the hell out of the way.

Congress is responding. Its members, particularly red-state members, are fearful of a significant voter blow-back come Midterm Election time. These voters were promised results for all of Barack Obama’s eight years and all they received was a torn and tattered and too costly healthcare system, higher cost of living, fewer jobs, too much division born from politicians and the media pitting groups of Americans against each other, a lower standing in the world, a skyrocketing long-term deficit…the dark news went on and on and on.

Team Trump is letting Congress know tax cuts are not a consideration but a duty repeatedly promised to the American people. Give them their money back – or else:

Voters are messaging their members of Congress and demanding they support the Trump plan. That effort appears to be working as even some Democrats are carefully and quietly reaching out to their Republican counterparts asking to be a part of a Trump-approved tax cut/reform effort.

When Mr. Trump is telling them to “move fast” he’s also letting them know that should Congress fail to do so it’s time they move out and let someone else in who wants to actually get things done for the American people.