POTUS Trump Pushes Away Staff Manipulations – Trusts Own Instincts More Than D.C. Influence

White House staffers are treading very carefully these days as an increasingly agitated Donald Trump demands common sense results vs the more usual D.C. mess that is a thousand opinions, further delay, and in the end, the same old same old where too few things actually get done.

And if any staffer doesn’t like it the President is showing them the door.

“The President has figured out how this town works which is to say he’s figured out it rarely works at all and that has him very upset.”

So says a longtime congressional staffer with contacts throughout the D.C. power structure.

Their words are supported by a just out today AP column which says much the same thing:

The speech was written. A cast of relatable Americans with emotional stories was standing by to reinforce the message. But President Donald Trump was in no mood to play along.

“The hell with it,” Trump said, recounting the scene with his aides to a West Virginia crowd last week. Trump tossed the staff-prepared remarks on tax cuts in the air and ducked as the paper fluttered to the floor. “I said, ‘This is boring, come on.’ Tell it like it is.”

This president has never been one to stick to a script, but that abandoned speech illustrates a new phase in Trump’s presidency. He is increasingly at odds with his staff — and growing wise to their tactics.

Donald Trump is a billionaire business tycoon who now finds himself disgusted by how incompetent the entirety of the U.S. government is run and no longer willing to grudgingly accept the excuse that it’s just how things are done in D.C.

“The President’s temper is becoming legendary. He’s a big guy with a force of nature personality. For a while the whole thing was so new to him he was willing to sit back and take advice. Now he’s barking orders and God help the ones who aren’t following them.”

The prospect of a Trump unleashed has the DC Establishment very worried. The President is demanding he actually keeps the promises he made to the American people and that makes him enemy #1 to the status quo.