Proof The Far Left Isn’t Anti-Trump – They Are Anti-American…

MSNBC’s Joy Reid exposed her own truth last night after sending out what in reality is a chilling tweet that outlines the anti-American hatred that is the foundation of the Establishment Media.

She opposes Church, family, police, the military, and this country’s national anthem.

Or to put it another way, Joy Reid (and all those like her) opposes America.

It really is that simple. Donald Trump embraces American potential and makes no apology for it. That is the primary reason why he is so hated. He says what he feels without the filter of political correctness and in doing so is giving millions more Americans the courage to also stand up and tell the Joy Reids of the world to STFU.

Fewer and fewer are satisfied with allowing the elites to tell them how to think and what to say.

The Revolution is live.