REMEMBER, It was Just Over 10 Years Ago When The Far-Left Media Vigorously Defended Divisive Nationalism.

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The far-left media’s current obsession/concern with “white nationalism” is in stark contrast to its collective defense of “black nationalism” that played such a prominent role in Barack Obama’s political ambitions prior to his ascent to the White House. 

Why is it one version of nationalism is so aggressively attacked while the other was so aggressively defended? If “nationalism” is bad, dangerous, destructive, etc., why was the media so willing to promote a candidate for president who was for 20 years a member of a black nationalist church—the very same church that likened the deaths of more than 3000 Americans on 9-11 as a form of karmic justice? 

It’s a contradiction to be sure, especially given that President Trump has no decades-long affiliation with any “nationalistic” agenda as did Mr. Obama. In fact, up until he became President, Donald Trump was beloved by some of the most prominent of civil rights leaders, including Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.

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As a Manhattan-based billionaire, Trump was received awards for his long and generous support of various civil rights causes by many of the same far-left personalities who now attack him as “racist.”

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Back to Barack Obama’s long and personal affiliation with what many deem a racist/nationalist ideology—one that he distanced himself from only after it became public knowledge via the 2008 Hillary Clinton campaign.

Here is how the Southern Poverty Law Center, among the most left-wing of institutions, describes the Black Nationalism of which Barack Obama’s Chicago church was a part of:

“Black nationalists believe the answer to white racism is to form separate institutions — or even a separate nation — for black people. Most forms of black nationalism are strongly anti-white and anti-Semitic. Some religious versions assert that black people are the biblical “chosen people” of God.”

It’s a description that would also fit well within Adolph Hitler’s Mein Kampf—a belief in racial superiority, the need for separation, and another race to blame their troubles on.

During Obama’s presidency, it was this same black nationalism that largely spawned the Black Lives Matter movement and the chaos and loss of life that followed. Riots, burnt neighborhoods, non-black minorities attacked, and most tragically, police officers targeted and killed.

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The far-left media in America covered these events but did not condemn them and certainly did not place blame at the feet of then-President Obama even though his often inflammatory words certainly worsened the national mood. Here is how the City Journal described that dangerous time:

“Even after five officers were assassinated by an enraged black murderer in Dallas, he said, inaccurately, falsely, and callously: “There are legitimate issues that have been raised, and there’s data and evidence to back up the concerns that are being expressed by these [Black Lives Matter] protesters. And if police organizations and departments acknowledge that there’s a problem and there’s an issue, then that, too, is going to contribute to real solutions. And, as I said yesterday, that is what’s going to ultimately help make the job of being a cop a lot safer. It is in the interest of police officers that their communities trust them and that the kind of rancor and suspicion that exists right now is alleviated.”

So he is justifying—even fanning—the resentment that impelled psychopaths to murder two officers in New York, five in Dallas, and now three more in Baton Rouge. It’s hard not to see his statement as blaming the police for their own deaths, and it’s hard not to condemn such a statement as among the most irresponsible and incendiary presidential utterances in our national history.”

President Obama all but condoned the murder of five Dallas police officers and in doing so indirectly warned every other member of law enforcement in the America that unless they change his version of what they should be, that they would get what was coming to them as well.

Anyone who doubts the validity of that statement need only do an honest re-reading of Mr. Obama’s statement above. He said what he said right after the deaths of five Dallas police officers and he meant it. THAT is black nationalism directly from the mouth of an American president.

White nationalism, particularly violent white nationalism, however rare it might truly be, is abhorrent to American ideals.

So too is black nationalism. It is equally abhorrent, especially given its proven record of violent outcomes.

The difference, and it is a significant one, is that President Trump is not, nor has he ever been, a white nationalist. His daughter and son-in-law are Jewish, as are his grandchildren. He has dated, been friends with, worked with, and received awards from, people of all races, colors, and religions. As a Republican candidate for president, he received near record-setting support from black and Hispanic voters. He was also the first presidential candidate EVER to support gay marriage. (Mr. Obama was strongly opposed to gay marriage when he ran for president in 2008) As president, Trump has overseen record unemployment for all those groups as well. If President Trump is a “white nationalist” he’s the worst one in the history of that idiotic ideology.

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Contrast that to Barack Obama who dedicated a book to the black nationalist Reverend Jeremiah Wright, called Wright his “spiritual adviser”, attended his black nationalist church for 20 years, repeatedly spoke out against Israel, law enforcement, Christians, white America, (remember when he dismissed them as “bitter clingers”) and America in general. Is it any wonder race relations in this country seemed to get so much worse during the Obama years?

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Something is truly amiss in America right now and that imbalance is directly linked to the far-left media’s repeatedly dishonest portrayals of those they choose to attack and those they choose to defend. When President Trump calls this same media the “enemy of the people” he is sadly correct.

We are being divided against one another, told we are too different, too incompatible, too dangerous.

The sad irony is that is exactly the view of dangerous nationalists be they white, black, or other.

America is so much better than what the far-left media would have us be. President Trump is hardly perfect but he’s far from a monster and as president, he’s managed to do a remarkable job that has benefitted nearly ALL Americans of every socio-economic background.

We would do well to give him the opportunity to continue that good work and not allow the media to corrupt the American Dream until it devolves into a 24/7 American Nightmare as it seems they are so determined to do.

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