Remember When Barack Obama Took $3.3 MILLION In ILLEGAL Campaign Donations? (Check It Out Here)

It was 2008 and money was pouring into the Obama political machine at an unprecedented rate. A few whistleblowers had the courage to cry the alarm. The money was coming in from overseas, from dubious sources, from individuals who had already exceeded the maximum allowable donation limit. Mr. Obama won the White House. His administration “reviewed” the claims and quietly paid a fine and the matter was promptly buried – and then the process repeated in 2012. No media outrage. No claims of collusion. No raids on law offices or campaign headquarters. No calls for impeachment. 

My how things have changed…

(Note: The $3.3 million was just the amount tied directly to the Obama campaign. Tens of millions more were linked to the Obama Machine’s shadow political groups during both the 2008 and 2012 campaigns – much of it coming from China and the Middle East.)