REPORT: “CNN Is Floundering – No Idea How To Successfully Attack President Trump.”

CNN has not been a news network for a very long time and since getting elected in 2016, President Trump has occupied nearly every hour of every day for the once-trailblazing 24/7 news network.

Now, after the total crash and burn that was the much-hyped Mueller testimony, and repeated failures to portray the president as the next coming of Hitler, the Fake News socialist propaganda arm of the DNC is left wide-eyed with mouths agape wondering where to turn to next as its ratings continue to swirl at the very bottom of the cable news toilet. 

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Via Fox News:

The first installment of CNN’s two-night Democratic primary debate was slammed by critics before it even began. Then it concluded without a single mention of CNN’s longstanding narrative that blew up during former Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s testimony.

Mueller’s testimony before two House committees last week was largely considered a “disaster” for Democrats and opponents of President Trump who hoped he would provide a path to impeachment. However, Mueller was oddly never mentioned throughout CNN’s debate and Russia was essentially an afterthought at the first gathering of 2020 hopefuls since the testimony.

“CNN flounders now, they’ve no idea what the best anti-Trump message is, given the total meltdown of the Russia narrative, post-Mueller,” a CNN employee told Fox News on the condition of anonymity. “My internal read is honestly that they’re in despair. They so believed in a Mueller smoking gun. I think they’re slowly realizing that Trump wins again, and they almost can’t fathom that outcome.”

Conservative strategist Chris Barron told Fox News that CNN’s decision not to ask about the Mueller probe “speaks volumes about how little political currency Mueller or the Russia hoax has even among Democratic partisans” at this point.

“It is fascinating that Mueller, who Democrats have spent two years making the centerpiece of their efforts to undermine the President, was conspicuously missing from last night’s debate,” Barron said.

While Mueller was ignored by CNN’s moderators, the words racist or racism were uttered 15 times, the word “border” was mentioned 29 times, climate change was discussed 28 times and healthcare-related phrases were spoken 112 times.

CNN’s pro-Trump contributor Steve Cortes took notice and criticized his own network on Twitter.

“After two years of breathless media coverage of Russia and its supposed influence on 2016, not a single word last night in #DemDebate about Mueller. Even those radicals on stage realize Americans care about jobs, immigration, healthcare… rather than a few Russian media trolls,” Cortes tweeted.

Cornell Law School professor and media critic William A. Jacobson thinks that campaign consultants who prepped the candidates “obviously told their candidates to stay away from collusion and impeachment because they are losing electoral issues,” but that doesn’t explain why CNN’s moderators didn’t ask about it.

…The liberal network’s debate draw was even criticized by the New York Times, as the paper’s chief television critic James Poniewozik asked, “Is it any surprise that CNN, the home of saturation coverage and interminable countdown clocks, would try to wring more airtime out of the debates?”

The highly-publicized stunt ended up drawing fewer viewers than regular programming on Fox News and MSNBC.

Once the big day arrived, CNN was ridiculed again. This time for the network’s “over-the-top” coverage of its own event.

…NewsBusters managing editor Curtis Houck told Fox News that the event is an example of why CNN’s reputation has diminished since President Trump took office.

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