REPORT: Cruz Campaign Prepared For “Sex Scandal” Story Weeks In Advance…

It is a story some are now calling “everything or nothing” – a political hot mess whispered of for weeks and just yesterday pushed into the somewhat mainstream via a tawdry National Enquirer expose by the same award-winning journalist who broke similar revelations like the John Edwards sex scandal that effectively ended Mr. Edwards’ political career in 2008.

Social media is now in on the act, with #CruzSexScandal the #1 trending topic in the Twitterverse which of course, means the memes are being made up double-time at this point: 

But Twitter trending and memes, though  certainly important in the realm of public perception, do not a  definitive sex scandal make.

Unfortunately for Mr. Cruz, speculation does appear to be forming into something beyond mere rumor now that some mainstream reporters are indicated factual support of at least some of what was detailed in the National Enquirer expose. Washington Times’ Drew Johnson indicating at least two of the women involved in that report were “accurate” and headlined that information with the tag, “COMING CLEAN.”

After a flurry of activity in trying to determine the validity of the National Enquirer story, DC Whispers has received information that suggests an effort by the Cruz Campaign to prepare for the now burgeoning scandal has been in the works for “several weeks” and includes, but is not limited to, the most recent back and forth social media spat between Ted Cruz and Donald Trump that was initiated by a Cruz Super PAC using a sixteen year old modeling photo of Mr. Trump’s wife which was then distributed to Mormon-dominated voters of Utah just prior to that state’s caucus election:

The ad predictably created anger from Donald Trump, which then quickly escalated into remarks by both Ted Cruz and his own wife, Heidi Cruz.

That ongoing back and forth sniping is said to have been a planned event by the Cruz campaign to try and intermingle the Cruz-Trump dispute with the pending National Enquirer story in an effort to confuse voters as to what was really going on. Initially it appears to have worked as the Mainstream Media has focused almost entirely on the Trump-Cruz back and forth involving the defense of their respective wives, and almost no attention by this same Mainstream Media has been devoted to the Cruz sex scandal story.

Adding yet another layer of intrigue to the Enquirer edition, and seemingly very much linked to the Melania Trump ad, is the involvement of former Carly Fiorina campaign staffer, Liz Mair. Just days prior to Mair’s newly-formed Make America Awesome anti-Trump PAC initiated the now-infamous Melania Trump modeling pic political ad, came the endorsement of Ted Cruz by Mair’s former boss, Carly Fiorina. This in turn reminded some in the media to recall a very odd $500,000 transaction that took place between a Ted Cruz Super PAC and Carly Fiorina Super PAC back in July when both were still (apparently) competing against one another for the GOP nomination. The Washington Post detailed that half a million dollar donation with the following headline:

Why did a Ted Cruz super PAC give $500,000 to Carly Fiorina’s?


The Washington Post story from July is now the lead story on Twitter’s #cruzsexscandal thread.

Clearly someone thinks the $500,000 payment and the now-emerging potential sex scandal issue are somehow related.

Do suggestions that the Ted Cruz campaign actively prepared for the sex scandal story weeks in advance give validity to the National Enquirer’s claims? Does the link between the Cruz and Fiorina camps which includes a former staffer for Fiorina now working for a pro-Cruz Super PAC and a still-mysterious $500,000 payment between the two add yet more validity to those same claims?

What else is known too is that there are some Cruz campaign operatives who have effectively gone “dark” since the National Enquirer story came out yesterday.  Again, that fact does not in and of itself fully validate the National Enquirer claims but rather points to a political campaign likely working double-time to try and manage the potential fallout.

The only undeniable thing at this point is this: Ted Cruz has a wife and two children. They are the ones who would be most impacted should these revelation prove true – an impact that extends far beyond a current political campaign.

America would all do well to remember that as this story progresses, should it progress any further at all.


UPDATE: Trump campaign spokesperson, Katrina Pierson, who some claimed was among the women involved in the sex scandal allegation (she formerly worked for Ted Cruz years ago) has come out publicly to deny she is involved in the claims and that the story is FALSE as it relates to herself:

It should be noted no women have yet come forward to substantiate the National Enquirer’s report.