REPORT: Federal Court On Verge Of Ruling Robert Mueller Investigation As Criminally Incompetent

Not so long ago Robert Mueller, desperate to show he was actually doing something, anything, more than just wasting taxpayer dollars on fake allegations of Donald Trump/Russia collusion, indicted three Russian companies and thirteen Russian nationals for “trolling” the 2016 Election. The liberal media slobbered over the indictments even as actual attorneys scratched their heads wondering what Mr. Mueller was up to. You see – the entire thing was a P.R. stunt without a shred of actual evidence and now a federal judge is taking him to task for it.

Mueller never thought the indictments would end up in court. Because at least one of the Russian companies implicated in his false charges, Concord Management and Consulting, called bull on the ploy and proceeded to push for a speedy trial. A panicked Mueller team quickly backtracked, begging the judge for a stay.

The judge, having reviewed the scant evidence Mueller’s operation had, refused the request, placing the Mueller investigation under the embarrassing spotlight of being proven in court to be a fraudulent endeavor. You see, Concord Management is requesting the federal judge overseeing the case to compel the Mueller investigation to hand over all the evidence it has against them – the evidence it used to file the charges in the first place.

The problem for Mr. Mueller is he had little to no evidence yet still filed the indictments and he now risks being exposed for that fraud which would be a shocking abuse of his government-powered authority.

Here’s how a RedState report outlined Mueller’s troubles:

If this is true, and from what we’ve seen of this particular case the odds are that it is true, then Jeff Sessions should step in and fire the entire team that managed this indictment for blinding incompetence. Mueller needs to be called on the carpet by someone with balls, and that would not be Rosenstein, and read the Riot Act over the disgraceful legal chopshop that he’s running.

Predictably the Establishment Media is saying almost nothing about this latest Mueller fiasco – one that could very well be an example of criminal incompetence.

He shouldn’t just be fired. He should be charged.