REPORT: Former Wrestlers & Coaches Come To Jim Jordan’s Defense Following Republican Establishment Smear Campaign

Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan is being punished for two things. The first is his continued strong support of President Donald Trump. The second is the support of other new members of Congress who would like to see him be the next Speaker of the House. Establishment Republicans like outgoing Speaker Paul Ryan and others are said to be pushing back against Jordan and might very well be behind the sudden media-driven allegations that Jim Jordan ignored allegations of sexual abuse by a college athletic physician during Jordan’s time as an Ohio State University assistant wrestling coach. Former wrestlers and coaches are now coming forward to call bullsh*t on the unverified claims – but so far the media is largely ignoring them.

Via The Washington Examiner:

Former coaches, wrestlers, and colleagues rush to defend Rep. Jim Jordan

“…Pardos insisted Jordan was incapable of ignoring abuse. If the assistant coach knew Strauss was abusing students, Pardos tells me, “knowing Jimmy I think he would’ve ripped of his arm and beat him with it.”

…Skove, who wrestled and trained with Jordan at the East-West tournament when the congressman was a student at the University of Wisconsin, couldn’t imagine Jordan ignoring abuse. “He definitely would’ve represented the wrestlers. From what I know of Jim and his personality, he’s not a flower. He isn’t going to wilt if something’s going on.”

Some like Lee Kemp, a gold-medal Olympian and national champion, argue that accusations are part of a campaign to discredit Jordan now that the Ohio Republican is considering a bid for House Speaker. “This doctor worked with other sports teams too,” Kemp told me by phone. “Why pick out Jim? Clearly, this is an attempt to smear him.”

A longtime congressional staffer put it this way:

“Jim Jordan is a hardnosed guy. He doesn’t back down. He doesn’t back off. That’s ruffled some feathers in D.C. The Republican Leadership thinks he’s a loose cannon, not a team player. Congressman Jordan has been very vocal in his opposition of the Mueller investigation. He’s called out the Deep State. He has friends in the Freedom Caucus, he’s popular among his Ohio constituents, and lately, his name has been put out there as a possibility to be the next Speaker. That makes him very dangerous to the status-quo. People like Paul Ryan would never sit back and allow Jordan to become Speaker. The rumors out there right now that Ryan and others are the ones behind the media attacks on Jim Jordan are not only possible but probable. These are nasty-nasty people. They’ll push the story, put a cloud of uncertainty over the congressman’s head, and then the story will go away once they have their pick to succeed Ryan safely in place.

“As it is right now, they want us to believe a little old doctor abused some wrestlers who could have torn that doctor in half? Really? This doctor served other athletic programs as well yet there are no allegations from other players from other sports. No complaints from coaches. Just a few former wrestlers saying the doctor made them uncomfortable and Jim Jordan, as one of the assistant coaches, didn’t do anything about it. Really? About what? The story has so many holes in it anyone with half a brain can smell the bullsh*t a mile away. If anything, the media should be asking questions of the head coach at the time, not Jim Jordan. They’re not, though, are they? That’s because Congressman Jordan was the target – not the truth. Paul Ryan is a snake. He’s done more to harm the Republican Party and America than any Democrat in the last ten years with the possible exception of Barack Obama. That’s my opinion. It’s also the truth.”