REPORT: Hatred Of POTUS Trump Rooted In Elites’ Hatred Of Everyday Americans

President Trump connects with the common men and women of America and for that, he is despised by the political and media elite all across the world.

“They hate America. They hate what it stands for.”

So says award-winning journalist,  Charles Hurt:

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“Donald Trump represents all of these Americans that I grew up with, and that I live with, and that I know,” said Hurt, reflecting on his upbringing. “This hot visceral contempt that these people have in the media for Donald Trump is not about Donald Trump,” said Hurt, reflecting. “They hate these people that I know. They hate these people that I live with and that I grew up with.”

Left-wing and partisan Democrats news media figures harbor “contempt for Americans who work every day, provide for their families every day, help out their neighbors every single day, [and] who go to church,” added Hurt. “You can feel their contempt for these people, and you can sense it in everything they do.”

Hurt expressed his support for representative government in America. “My faith, my belief is in regular American people,” he declared. Democrats and the broader left, noted Hurt, reject the premise of government legitimacy being predicated on consent from the governed. “I have no qualms whatsoever about leaving the American people in charge, and that’s what these people want to undo,” he added. “They want to undo that.”

“Regular American people are the only reason America is what it is,” determined Hurt.

The Democrat Party’s leadership stands opposed to America’s founding and core principles, said Hurt. “They hate America. They hate what it stands for.”

Listen to Mr. Hurt explain the disconnect between the Trump-hating elite and the Trump-loving public: