REPORT: How Trump’s America Is Helping To Better The Lives Of ALL Americans

No modern-era president has done more for the downtrodden in this country than President Donald J Trump.

Those are the now-undeniable facts.

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Via The Wall Street Journal:

A Record Expansion’s Surprise Winners: The Low-Skilled

As unemployment remains near generation lows, the fortunes of low-wage workers have improved markedly


Yes indeed, they have.

Remember the mindset of the economically tepid Obama years that had the then-POTUS telling people to forget the jobs of old because they weren’t coming back? Instead of focusing on creating new jobs the Obama administration spent TRILLIONS increasing people’s dependence on the government.

Enter President Trump and an entirely different “America-First” approach that has resulted in millions of new jobs saved and created. Unemployment is down, wages are up, and America’s future, for the first time in a very long time, appears bright for ALL Americans – but especially those who have long been suffering but who now have a chance at better lives.

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