REPORT: Media Goes Ballistic As It Scrambles To Protect Obama From Growing Spygate Scandal

The Obama administration spied on the Trump campaign, infiltrated the campaign, colluded with foreign powers to attack the campaign, then worked to damage a newly elected president and ultimately overthrow an entire administration. Those collective actions are now known as “Spygate” and the Establishment Media is desperate to insulate Mr. Obama from being directly implicated in what is quickly turning into the single greatest political scandal in U.S. history. 

All of the major news outlets are minimizing the shocking implications of Spygate while aggressively pushing third-tier stories involving Michael Cohen and the like. It is their hope the American public will once again fail to pay attention to what is really going on. They are counting on ignorance winning the day.

President Trump and his millions of supporters are utilizing the power of social media to counter the fake news media narrative and educate more and more to the crimes that were undertaken by a then sitting president against an incoming one. It is a political scandal of epic proportions the likes of which this country has never witnessed.

Congressional leaders are meeting Thursday to review just some of the evidence now piling up against the Obama era Deep State. The media will do its best to vilify those members of Congress.

Soon after the attempts to hold the Obama administration accountable for its many crimes will be called, wait for it…a witchhunt.

Some Democrats are said to now be literally screaming at Robert Mueller to do something to stop the mounting Spygate scandal that is encircling Mr. Obama and a number of his media accomplices. Another shoe is sure to fall soon. On whose head remains to be seen.