REPORT: Minority Voters Poised To Help Push President Trump To 2020 Landslide Victory?

The far left media knows it. So do Democrats in Congress.

FACT: President Trump is a historically popular Republican president among minority voters. So much so that those same voters are poised to help deliver him a landslide 2020 re-election victory.

While that fact might surprise some it shouldn’t — no president of the modern era has been more beneficial to minority success in American than Donald Trump.

Minority incomes are up while minority unemployment is way down, especially when compared to the disastrous Obama years.

Minority home ownership is climbing too and female minorities are doing especially well since President Trump took office.

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Via Real Clear Politics:

Hispanics Rally to Trump, Boosting His 2020 Chances

When I helped lead the Trump Hispanic Advisory Council in 2016, our effort was widely derided by skeptics certain that the narrative of Trump as anti-Latino would doom his candidacy, particularly in heavily Hispanic states like Florida. But that November, Hispanics saw through the media smears and Trump massively outperformed dour expectations, actually surpassing Mitt Romney’s 2012 percentage among Latino voters.

Since then, prospects have only improved – most importantly for the overall well-being of America’s Hispanic citizens, but also for the political prognosis of President Trump. So much good news erupted last week for the president with the conclusion of the Mueller inquiry that stunning new polling data was largely glossed over. McLaughlin & Associates revealed that Hispanic approval for Trump in March jumped to 50%. This number matched the January Marist/NPR/PBS survey that shocked cynics with its own 50% approval finding. Even if those polls are too aggressive, February’s Morning Consult/Politico poll showed Trump’s Hispanic approval vaulting to a still-impressive 45%.

For decades, Republicans have chased the “holy grail” of votes from Hispanics, a group that naturally should align with the conservative principles of entrepreneurial capitalism, strong borders, and a culture of life. Paradoxically, the man whom the mainstream media most attempted to vilify as anti-Latino will, at last, truly welcome Hispanics to their rightful political home.

The president’s approval rating among black voters, while not as impressive as it is among Hispanic voters, is still inducing some serious heartburn among his political rivals.

In 2016 Trump enjoyed 8% support among black voters. That was 2% higher than Mitt Romney received in 2008.

Just two years later Trump’s support among black voters DOUBLED and if that number holds he will take nearly every swing state in 2020.


There’s still a lot of time between now and the 2020 Election and the media and Democrats are clearly willing to throw everything and anything at the president to prevent his re-election from happening, but while they’ve been doing that, guess what? President Trump has been leading the country into one of its most prosperous periods of the last 60 years and it appears a whole lot of voters of all races are thankful for his efforts.

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