REPORT: What Is Now Going On Behind The Scenes After House Intelligence Committee Votes To #ReleaseTheMemo

Democrats are said to be VERY unhappy. Congressman Schiff attempted to have a minority opinion released as well. Committee voted NO on that move.

POTUS Trump will now have up to five days to review the memo. The memo was (officially) sent to him this afternoon. If Mr. Trump has no objections, it will then be made available to the media/public.

Intelligence officials are said to have already been preparing for what may be “significant backlash” regarding what the memo details. Even more interesting is a flurry of meetings said to have been between current and past intelligence officials and some with ties to the (former) Obama administration.

And remember, this vote took place on the same day FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, who was overseeing the fake Trump/Russia investigation, abruptly resigned due, according to whispers, his imminent firing and/or demotion. (DON’T FORGET – the FBI Director once threatened to resign if McCabe was forced out. Then the Director was said to have read the memo and soon after McCabe was GONE. Coincidence? Not likely.)

Obama Machine currently under blackout protocols. More than one media source indicates Democrats are not attempting to protect Hillary Clinton following memo’s release but Barack Obama and his inner circle/Jarrett.

**UPDATE** Democratic National Committee Chief Executive Officer Jess O’Connell announced her imminent resignation shortly after FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe’s resignation was made public. Are the two sudden and high-profile departures related?