REPORT: President Trump Is Winning The Trade War Against China

No, he won’t back down – even as the anti-Trump media wants to convince you he might be. President Trump is holding firm, but also holding a carrot at the end of the stick, knowing full well how much the increasingly troubled China government is hoping for a resolution to the Trump administration’s tough stance on a trade imbalance that has long favored China, cost millions of American jobs, and been allowed to continue from one U.S. president to another — until now.

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Via The Hill:

Renewed telephone conversations between high-level American and Chinese trade negotiators have led the White House to postpone tariffs on some Chinese imports from Sept. 1 to Dec. 15, and to remove other items from the list altogether. Critics will say that President Trump blinked, buffeted by swooning stock markets and talk of a possible recession that could damage his reelection prospects.

That may be true. But it is also true that much of what the trade battle was meant to achieve has already been accomplished. That’s called winning.

Though elites continue to deplore Trump’s hawkish stance against China’s cheating, the confrontation has helped publicize Beijing’s corrupt and despotic regime. The result is an emboldened pro-democracy uprising in Hong Kong, a reordering of global supply chains formerly overly dependent on China and, perhaps most important, more aggressive truth-telling by the media. Those are significant accomplishments.

…The White House’s pushback against China’s forced technology transfers, widespread espionage and unfair trade practices has not only encouraged more critical press coverage, it has also driven Americans’ disapproval of China to record levels. As our government attempts to protect U.S. interests in China, it helps to bring the public along.

…The U.S. and other developed countries will not benefit from China’s problems unless slowing growth and capital flight press Beijing to amend its behavior. Whether Xi Jinping will choose to compromise with the Trump White House and with the pro-democracy protestors in Hong Kong remains to be seen. But here’s what we do know: Beijing is under pressure as never before, thanks to President Trump’s trade battle. And the entire world could benefit.