REPORT: The Far Left Shames White Women To Shut Up And Do As They’re Told

“White Shaming” is real, it is pervasive, and it is particularly aggressive at targeting white women into voting for candidates and policies the far left demands be forced upon everyone. It is a sad state of affairs when women are no longer being told they can be anything but that they must only be exactly what the far left tells them to be. It’s the 21st Century version of “SHUT UP AND GET BACK IN THE KITCHEN.”

Vote-Shaming is the New 'Get Back in the Kitchen'

Via Townhall:

We’ve seen it play out over every social media platform, with countless vitriolic comment threads of and bitter tweets insulting, accusing and shaming women who voted for Republican candidates:

“White women: footsoldiers of the patriarchy”
“…white women are brainwashed and willing participants in their own captivity”
“…educated white women are strong Dems… racism is a helluva drug”
“White women gonna white”

As the demographic numbers rolled in for various races across the country, liberal media pundits, celebrities, and many in the feminist movement took to social media to lambast women who didn’t choose to vote for Democrat candidates. Feigning moral superiority while stereotyping conservative women as racist and uneducated, controlled by their husbands and GOP men, they unleashed their hateful commentary to explain why their candidate failed to win the support of these voters.

Most of the vote-shamers cited only a few races of the thousands on which were voted last Tuesday–namely that of Stacey Abrams versus Brian Kemp in Georgia and Andrew Gillum versus Ron DeSantis in Florida.

Since exit polls in these two contests demonstrated that a higher percentage of white women voted for the Republican (who in these two particular races happened to be white) than the Democrat (who happened to be black), they reasoned that these white women were obviously racist and “unsisterly”.

…The vote-shaming phenomenon perhaps is best summed up by a headline that Vogue magazine posted on their Twitter account last week. Nestled between makeup tips and highlights of a recent underwear fashion show was an article titled:

“Will White Women Voters Ever Be Who We Want Them to Be?”

Welcome to 2018…where women are only equal as long as we are who “they” want us to be.

In other words, shut up and do what you are told.

I guess we shouldn’t be surprised. Publications like Vogue were never intended to empower women to make choices of her own. Their very existence revolves around telling a woman how she should be: what to wear, how to look, where to shop, who to emulate, and now… how to vote.

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It is the dirty little (not so secret) secret of the liberal machine. One that declares any woman who doesn’t quickly and completely conform to liberal ideology to be a woman unworthy to try and think for herself. (Quite the contradiction, yes?) Hillary Clinton attacked white female voters after 2016, saying those who didn’t vote for her were weak and just doing what the men in their families told them to do.

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The arrogance of such a comment is astonishing but also reveals why Mrs. Clinton remains so unpopular with so many. The (not so progressive) progressive line of thought is that most people really can’t think for themselves. They must be told what to do and what to think. It is the very same kind of thinking that supporters of slavery used during the 18th Century. It’s also the same type of viewpoint shared by Barack Obama in 2007 when he described millions of people who didn’t happen to agree with his politics as uneducated incompetents merely “clinging to their guns and religion.”

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Then again, there’s not much difference between the slave owner mentality of the 1800’s and the Democrat Party mentality of 2018. Both demand masses of people to stay on the plantation, shut up, and to do what their masters tell them. The only question is if you’ll be among those who capitulate or those who continue to think for themselves.

The choice, for now, is yours.