REPORT: Trump Is Furious: Sick And Tired Of Democrats, The Media, And Attacks On His Family

After years of shocking media bias, rumors reported as facts, facts taken out of context, lies knowingly made up and reported on as “news”, repeated threats of impeachment even after having been found innocent of what was widely known to be bogus charges to begin with, President Trump is said to have finally reached his boiling point.

He’s not just mad—he’s furious.

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It began with a series of tweets outlining his increasing frustrations with an always-lying and manipulative media:

Then the president briefly met with Democrat “leaders” to discuss infrastructure. Those Democrats made it clear they had no intention of working with the president on anything which in turn led to this moment:

This was followed by an impromptu speech in the White House Rose Garden where President Trump again blasted the far left media and Democrats for their obsession with attacking him instead of doing the work of the American people. After he finished his speech and was walking away, a media member screamed this out at him:

This has been the far left’s tactic ever since the Mueller report showed NO COLLUSION and NO OBSTRUCTION. They are simply ignoring those findings, reinterpreting them, and then claiming that reinterpretation to be fact and using the phrase “impeach” over and over and over again.

And THIS is why so many call the media the “enemy of the people.”