REPORT: Trump’s Tariffs Accomplished More in Two Days Than Congress in 20 Years

The far-left media wailed their complaints following threats of hard-hitting tariffs by President Trump against Mexico. 

The result? Mexico quickly conceded it can do more, MUCH MORE, to help prevent the ongoing crisis of illegals pouring into the United States even as Congress pretends nothing can be done to stop it.

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Via Breitbart:

“Polls show that about 80 percent of Americans believe there’s a crisis at the border. If you ask Americans in a poll, what do you think about 100,000 illegal aliens moving every day on a conveyor belt from Guatemala up to San Diego and El Paso, I’d say about 90% of them would object to that. And the tariffs that President Trump used, he got in two days more than Congress did in 20 years on this. We have got troops down at the southern border that Mexico has deployed. We have got Mexico committing to take the phony asylum seekers onto Mexican soil, which will deter further immigration from the Northern Triangle down at the southern border with Mexico. And we have a very strong commitment to break up that conveyor belt, which is this Rube Goldberg machine of narco-traffickers and human traffickers making billions of dollars off these poor immigrants coming up, and off the American people who have to take their drugs, and the illegal immigrants, which hurt us in terms of jobs.”