REPORT: Why Middle-Class Voters Are Sticking With Trump

With the strongest economy in generations and an America-First agenda, President Trump remains highly popular among Middle-Class voters hoping to see the country continue to grow even stronger.

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Via The Hill:

Dems will struggle to pry middle-class Americans away from Trump

…Working-class Americans are prospering in today’s economy. Democrats running for office this year have struggled to offer up any competitive economic program because it’s tough to combat the booming jobs market and accelerating growth.

Instead, they are studiously ignoring the obvious success of the Trump agenda — the roll-back of cumbersome regulations and reduced taxes — and the consequent soaring optimism among consumers and business owners alike.

…The Post noted that the left-leaning Tax Policy Center estimated that 80 percent of Americans got a tax cut and that the only people hurt by the bill were high earners living in states with onerous state and local taxes, who could no longer deduct those outlays.

They also cite the non-partisan Joint Committee on Taxation’s estimate that, thanks to the GOP bill, people earning between $30,000 and $200,000 would see their taxes drop by 7.5 percent to 11.5 percent, depending on their bracket, with the bigger savings coming at lower income levels.

Cato Institute Fellow Chris Edwards calculates that if payroll taxes (which were unchanged) are excluded, the tax burden on those earning between $40,000 and $200,000 drops by 14.8 percent to 56.3 percent, again with the biggest savings accruing to those in the lower income brackets.

If you repeat a lie often enough, it gains traction. That has been the guiding principle for Democrats this year: Tell people they didn’t benefit from the tax bill and some will believe it, even as their withholdings drop.

…In a recently released NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll, Americans by a wide margin (43-28) judged Republicans better able to deal with the economy than Democrats. The economy and jobs still rank first among voters’ concerns.

Respondents also credited Republicans (44-27) with better protecting the country’s interests on trade issues, important to U.S. factory workers.

Those are pivotal votes of confidence. As we approach Election Day on Nov. 6, we will see whether Democrats have been successful in convincing middle-class Americans that they are worse off under President Trump and a GOP Congress.