REPORT: Why Won’t Dems Help President Trump To Fix The Border Crisis?

A few months ago they laughed when President Trump used the term “border crisis.” Then, they attacked President Trump for the use of detention centers that were put in place during the Obama and Bush years. Now, Democrats and their far-left media cohorts are screeching “border crisis” every day but doing absolutely nothing to help remedy it.

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Via The New York Post:

Now that Democrats have stopped calling the untenable situation at America’s southern border a “manufactured crisis” and recognized it as a “humanitarian crisis,” perhaps a bipartisan solution can be found to at least one aspect of the problem: the continuing flow of unaccompanied children across the border.

But we shouldn’t hold our breath. The left — activists, the media and Dem politicians — are more interested in badgering the Trump administration than solving the crisis.

…The numbers keep rising. The Washington Examiner reported that “a record 61,000 unaccompanied migrant children have surged over the US-Mexico border and been handed to federal care facilities since October.” The total for fiscal year 2016 was 59,170.

Immigrants keep showing up and, inexplicably, sending their children across the border alone. Odd, given the supposedly anti-immigrant posture of the Trump administration. Perhaps, unlike Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, they know there are no concentration camps on our border.

The media don’t help. The stories indict our immigration policy when, in fact, there aren’t many good options when a child crosses the border into the United States alone.

…Sen. Bernie Sanders referred to “racist child prisons,” because the Trump administration is housing children at an army base that served as a World War II internment camp for Japanese-Americans. He was silent when the Obama administration did the same thing. Will a President Sanders detain any migrants?

Democrats must grapple with these realities. And they should echo the president’s message to families tempted to dispatch their children to the north: “Do not send your children to the borders. If they do make it, they’ll get sent back. More importantly, they might not make it.”

That president was Barack Obama, speaking in 2014. 

(NOTE: When President Obama said those words in 2014 CNN called it “tough.” When President Trump said much the same CNN calls it “racist.”)


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