Republican Wins Kansas Special Election Liberal Media Said Might Go To Democrats

The leftist American media repeated the mantra in recent weeks that an anti-Trump backlash could very well result in a Democrat winning a special election to fill the vacated Kansas congressional seat of Mike Pompeo. (Pompeo became President Trump’s CIA Director.)

Apparently, the voters once again refused to listen to the liberal media. A Republican won the seat comfortably, once again confirming that this “anti-Trump backlash” is largely a figment of the far left’s troubled imagination.

The Republican winner, Ron Estes, enjoyed a reasonable amount of support from the GOP and a campaign trail visit from Texas Senator Ted Cruz while his opponent, James Thompson, was largely supported by the Soros-funded “Our Revolution” a far-left socialist group that is an extension of the failed Bernie Sanders presidential campaign of last year.

Watch for the leftist media to pivot from “Estes could win” to “he only lost by about 8 points” which they will then use to portray the entirety of the Republican majority as in jeopardy come the 2018 Midterm Elections. They could be right, but not because of an uprising from the political left, but rather, from disgruntled Republican/Conservative/Independent voters disgusted by the spineless nature that is the current Republican leadership in Congress who are clearly far more concerned about holding on to power than they are about doing the work of the people as represented by Donald Trump’s stunning 2016 presidential victory.


Obamacare still remains in place. Tax reform is being delayed.

Little is getting done in Congress. If Republicans want to hold onto control of Congress, that has to change. They need to give voters a reason to keep them their. So far, they haven’t done so.