Robert Mueller Gives Last-Gasp Attempt To Save Deep State

He went before a hungry far left media looking exhausted and delivered a prepared statement, took no questions, and abruptly left. That statement provided nothing new in the way of actual evidence of anything but instead was a blatant attempt to justify House Democrats’ yearning to hold an impeachment vote based on nothing more than their deep dislike of the current President of the United States.

Robert Mueller’s televised Justice Department appearance this morning was a last-gasp attempt by the Deep State to protect itself while running out the clock on the Trump presidency. Don’t forget—this is the very same man who has been avoiding testifying before Congress under oath. The reason why is clear—he’s scared to death of having to answer questions regarding the origination of his investigation, the scope of his investigation, and the rampant abuses that took place during that investigation.

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(ABOVE: An exhausted Robert Mueller went into full spin mode attempting to explain the now-infamous “Mueller Report” in which he never declared President Trump guilty but instead gave a litany of “sort of maybe it could have been but we couldn’t tell so Democrats in Congress should keep looking into it” declarations. It has proven to be one of the biggest wastes of taxpayer dollars in quite some time and coming from Washington D.C. that’s truly saying something.)


To put the Mueller Report in some historical perspective it should be noted that within the Starr Report that was the investigation into then-President Bill Clinton’s various crimes, Mr. Starr declared Clinton guilty of no less than 11 different crimes/violations. It was then left up to Congress to decide what to do with that guilt. The House voted for impeachment but the Senate did not and the matter ended there.

Mr. Mueller has never declared Trump guilty of anything—not once. 

Does anyone think he wouldn’t have if he could have? Mueller was tasked to find guilt and spent two years and tens of millions of dollars trying to do just that AND HE CAME UP EMPTY.

So, what was the purpose of his televised statement today?

That’s simple. Robert Mueller was throwing up one of the very last offensive moves the Deep State has in this entire government abuse affair—he threatened more abuse by way of House Democrat investigations against the Trump White House and the Trump family in the hopes the investigations into the Deep State by Attorney General Bill Barr would cease.

That’s it.

As stated before, Mr. Mueller appeared exhausted this morning. The pressure coming from the far left for him to deliver something that could successfully damage President Trump has been enormous. As much as he and his team wanted to make that delivery they couldn’t because President Trump did nothing wrong.

And soon (some are saying very soon) it will be President Trump’s turn.

This war is far from over…

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