Robert Mueller’s Real Job – Find Something, ANYTHING, To Bring Down Trump

It appears increasingly clear that independent counsel Robert Mueller’s real job is to find something – ANYTHING – to bring down Donald Trump. With the fabricated Trump/Russia collusion story exposed as the fraud it always was, Mueller has veered off attempting to cobble together a potential “obstruction” charge against President Trump while simultaneously expanding the investigation the Trump family’s financial empire  via an army of left-wing pro-DNC lawyers.

This is not an investigation. It is an attempted political coup to bypass the will of the American voter.

Former presidential candidate and House Speaker Newt Gingrich laid it all out in a recent commentary here:

“…But it’s much bigger than that. A new set of numbers I found this week show Mueller’s wide-ranging, untethered investigation represents a broader coordinated effort by two staunchly anti-Trump factions: the Left and the fourth branch of government — in this case the entrenched bureaucrats working at the Department of Justice.

The first set of numbers is one that I have referenced before: $286,797, the overwhelming dollar amount that Department of Justice employees gave to Hillary Clinton during the 2016 election and $8,756, the amount they gave to Donald Trump. This represents a 97 percent bias toward Clinton.

The second set of numbers is even more interesting. It represents the dollar amounts of campaign donations made by employees at WilmerHale, the law firm where Mueller served as a partner prior to being appointed special counsel and a firm from which he has already recruited several members of his investigative team. Employees of the firm gave an astounding $326,798 to the Clinton campaign in 2016, while giving a paltry $628 to the Trump campaign. For every $1 this group gave to Trump, it gave $520.37 to Clinton.


Consider the culture of these two institutions. How could any reasonable person say that a group of attorneys from either the Department of Justice or WilmerHale will be honest, objective truth-seekers, when it is clear that so many gave overwhelmingly to Hillary Clinton? No reasonable person could. This is a political hit squad, plain and simple.

…This is the most wide-open hunting license I’ve ever seen. And this will be dragged out by the investigators, the Left and their friends in the media for as long as the American people will put up with it. All the while, the manufactured drama around the investigation will slow the White House’s agenda by taking up its time and resources. Ultimately, this will be terrible for the country.”


Mr. Gingrich is absolutely correct. And remember, there are Establishment Republicans like John McCain who continue to push for Robert Mueller to be given even more power to investigate the Trump White House.

When Donald Trump ran for POTUS he took on the entire globalist establishment. That establishment now seeks to destroy him for his success. Not since the nation’s founding has a political figure risked so much.