Rudy Giuliani Tells Mueller Investigation To Pound Sand…

Robert Mueller wanted up to 12 hours to pepper the President of the United States with questions while being videotaped to then later leak to the media.

Rudy Giuliani promptly told Mr. Mueller not a snowball’s chance in hell.

A longtime D.C. Whispers source had this to say:

“Robert Mueller made a ridiculously long list of demands which he knew would be rebuked. He doesn’t want truth. He just wants a confrontation that he knows the media will spin against Trump. The sit-down is a trap. Mr. Guiliani knows it. The President knows it. Everyone knows it. Trump’s enemies want a Constitutional crisis. They want to try and paint the President into a corner. They’re all set to destroy Trump and anyone who supports him. Giuliani is the first one among Trump’s legal team to really push back against Mueller. Up to now, they’ve almost fully accommodated the investigation. That appears to be ending with Giuliani’s addition. The President wanted a fighter. Giuliani looks like he’s willing to play that role and not a moment too soon. Word is things are about to get real ugly real fast in Mueller-Land.”