Rush Limbaugh Explains In Very Clear Detail Why America Needs To Secure Its Border And Its Elections

Voter fraud is real, it is happening, and by allowing it to continue, it is violating the sanctity of the “one citizen one vote” rule that has long kept this nation intact. As stories of vote count irregularities multiply at levels never before seen, more and more rightly fear 2018 was merely a warmup for even more rampant voter theft come 2020. 

Even Texas is on the brink as tens of thousands of illegals pour into that state’s southern border every month as local Democrat party machines then work to ensure they are able to vote. Texas nearly went blue in 2018. Democrats are more determined now than ever to do whatever it takes to make that happen in 2020 and if they do, a Republican will never win another national election in this country again. Texas has long been the electoral guardian at the gate. That gate is now under attack like never before and on the brink of cracking open. God help us if it does. Russia was nowhere close to ‘stealing’ any U.S. election. The far greater threat has always been illegal vote rigging.