See How POTUS Trump Is Helping Others To Fight Back Against Those Who Do Nothing To Help America

Congressman Elijah Cummings, a man who has been in Congress for more than 23 years, recently attacked America’s border security agents. These men and women who serve to protect are of all races and socio-economic backgrounds. President Trump quickly came to their defense against the politically-motivated attacks against them by reminding everyone that the Baltimore district Mr. Cummings is supposed to serve is crumbling under the weight of crime, poverty, and government corruption. Enter the far-left media to declare President Trump racist for doing nothing more than sharing the truth of Baltimore’s already well-known troubles. (USA Today declared it the nation’s most dangerous city just two years earlier.) And now others are joining the president in that fight, using facts to push back against the mindless and divisive shouts of “racism” from the radical left every time someone dares to disagree with them.

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Emily Miller is a highly educated and award-winning journalist. Note how Congressman Swalwell attacks her for having her own opinion. He goes so far as to call her brainwashed.

This is how the far-left treats women and minorities who dare to think for themselves – they attack and demean. She has lived in Baltimore for two decades, covered its troubles, and in comes Congressman Swalwell, a recent Democrat candidate for president, to call her racist and brainwashed for disagreeing with him.

The media needs more Emily Millers and America needs far fewer Eric Swalwells.

President Trump is working hard to make that happen. Voters would do well to support him in that much-needed cause because it’s the difference between freedom of expression and political tyranny where differences of opinion are treated like crimes.

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