Socialism Almost Always Ends Up The Same. SEE: Venezuela

In little more than a generation’s worth of time, Venezuela went from a nation of prosperity to one of government-backed bloodshed. 

And don’t ever forget it was the socialist version of Venezuela the far-left in America so often praised and declared far superior to U.S. capitalism. It’s also the very same kind of failed socialism so many of today’s Democrat candidates for president hope to force down the throats of American citizens.

When it comes to socialism JUST SAY NO.

We should all pray the people of Venezuela might come to know true freedom again soon and also pray the people of the United States don’t make the same mistake the Venezuelans did when they allowed socialism to take their beautiful country over.

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Mr. Diaz's Revenge by [Ulsterman, D.W.]

A teacher on the brink. A father and military combat veteran seeking justice.
Their paths are about to cross and their lives will never be the same…