Soros’s Human Caravan Slowed In Mexico But Still Pushing North

Media reports indicate hundreds among the Soros-funded ‘Human Caravan’ from Honduras have turned back, fearing they will be arrested by Mexican authorities. That still leaves an estimated three to five thousand more still pushing north, albeit more slowly now as the Mexican government half-heartedly attempts to halt the march even as President Donald Trump warns the Mexican government to do more to stop the attempted invasion into the United States. 

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Via Yahoo News:

TAPACHULA, Mexico (Reuters) – Defying the efforts of four governments to break them up, thousands of mostly Honduran migrants rose at dawn on Sunday from the shores of a river between Guatemala and Mexico and continued their trek northward.

But even as the U.S.-bound caravan moved into Mexico, Mexican police in riot gear were deployed at highway junctions, as a military helicopter circled overhead, prompting many migrants to wonder if police will make mass arrests and seek to turn the caravan back.

The migrants pose a challenge to Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto’s promise late last week to stop the travelers’ plans to press ahead to the U.S. border without the proper documents.

…Mexico’s government has said throughout the past week that it would register the migrants and process requests for asylum. Those attempting to skip the process would face deportation, but the size of the caravan will test Mexico, which has sought help from the U.N. to manage the issue.

…After clashes with Mexican riot police on Friday, some 650 migrants from the caravan made it into Mexico on the far side of a bridge over the Suchiate River, according to Mexican officials who said they were being registered.

Some 2,000 Honduran migrants were already back home after giving up on continuing to Mexico, Guatemala’s President Jimmy Morales said at a press conference in Guatemala City alongside his Honduran counterpart, President Juan Orlando Hernandez.

Hernandez said another 486 migrants were in transit back to Honduras, a roughly 12-hour trip by road.

“We are working to provide a peaceful and safe return trip and avoid that these movements keep happening in the future,” said Morales, who added that around 5,000 had amassed at the border seeking to enter Mexico.