Source: Trump Is Using Debate No-Show To Eliminate Ted Cruz

The following was received early this morning via a source calling themselves, “USMI” (acronym?)

Readers should determine for themselves the validity of the following claims. It is being re-published exactly as it was received.

(Images added by D.C. Whispers)


“…D.C. Whispers report is only half the story re: Trump boycott of FN debate.

TC center stage has been coordinated by DT campaign. 

As soon as Cruz directly engaged DT  he was slated to have his “…balls cut off.” They determined if DT steps off the stage that would leave TC receiving majority of challenges during debate. DT was already upset with Fox about debate ambush rumors. Polling data indicated DT had momentum for Iowa so it was determined debate no-show worth the risk. I don’t agree but am not a participant in those decisions.

Two candidates will challenge Cruz very aggressively tonight. DT campaign confident TC to be damaged by exchanges leaving DT in even stronger position heading into NH after which TC campaign will be all but eliminated.


Reports regarding ambush against Trump accurate. DT campaign knew of it days earlier and had lengthy internal discussion on not only appropriate response, but how to use it to their advantage. George pushed for debate pull away and counter event. After 24 hour consideration, DT agreed and plan was initiated via social media campaign and coverage like yours which they had already anticipated. Shiny object manipulation. SOP.

CNN notified.

DT still not 100% on no-show if Fox gives him something to use upon return to debate stage. (Kelly dismissal?)

Fox nervous regarding guest participant roster. Your coverage on that is accurate. Well done.

More to come if you want. This isn’t our first time. You decide on more or not.