According To Plan: Obama DOUBLES Muslim Immigration – 70% Identify As Democrats

A troubling statistic when one also considers Muslims also account for about 97% of all terrorist acts in the world as well.

Pew Research also indicates the American Muslim population will exceed the Jewish population by 2050.

At no time in the history of the United States have so many Muslims been granted access into the United States as during the presidency of Barack Hussein Obama. Study after study has indicated Muslims far more than any other religious group resist assimilation into the culture of the host country they find themselves in. France, Germany, and Great Britain have been dealing with this issue for years. It is why Japan has for some time refused to comply with even the simplest Muslim cultural requests. Unlike its European counterparts, Japan refuses to make politically-correct concessions to Muslims. As a result, it is estimated fewer than a few thousand Muslims reside inside in Japan, choosing to go to nations far more willing to bend to their demands of Sharia Law and various other Muslim cultural norms.

Barack Obama has done the opposite of Japan, though. Instead he has overseen a doubling of Muslim immigration into the United States (while seeking to deport Middle East Christians) and his administration has repeatedly made demands upon the American people that it will not tolerate anything less than full and open acceptance of Muslims in America even in the shadow of Islamic terror attacks. That is not to say that all Muslims despise American values, but rather that a much higher percentage of them do compared to other socio-religious groups.

And perhaps this is why so few Democrats are willing to raise the alarm on such a potentially dangerous situation that can facilitate such tragedies as was seen most recently in Paris and San Bernardino:

Muslims are far more likely to identify with or lean toward the Democratic Party (70%) than the Republican Party (11%) and to say they prefer a bigger government providing more services (68%)  -Pew Research Poll: 2015 via The Washington Examiner

What is the safety of American citizens and the protection of this nation’s longstanding traditions compared to a few million more Democrat votes?





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Obama Approval Plummets

The latest polling data has Barack Obama’s job approval number at just 40% while the RCP polling average is just over 43% and the president’s disapproval numbers are at near-record highs and worsening by the day in the wake of the most recent ISIS-related terrorist attacks and Mr. Obama’s unwillingness to even say the words Islamic terror – let alone try and defeat it.

Meanwhile, it appears Barack Obama’s political misfortunes are being shared by his former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton.

In poll after poll, Mrs. Clinton is losing to her likely potential GOP presidential rivals:



CRUZ: 45     CLINTON: 41


BUSH:  45   CLINTON: 39

It appears the 2016 election mantra is turning into “Anyone but Hillary” and it will likely be a formidable task even for the Clinton Machine to overcome unless current public sentiment changes drastically from now to then.

As for Barack Obama, his own low polling numbers are most certainly contributing to his most recent temper tantrum directed at the American public as outlined in his D.C. Whispers report:

Bitter Obama Prepares To Go To War…With America


Behind The Scenes Debate War: “You Don’t Attack Hillary.”

Though the Mainstream Media has ignored it, there is a war going on behind the scenes at the DNC and it is a war which played a pivotal role in the tone and tenor of the first Democratic presidential debate last night.

The prevailing theme during the 72 hours prior to that debate was this:  YOU DON’T ATTACK HILLARY.

That battle was clearly won.

Above: Team Hillary is said to be “thrilled” with her debate performance last night though is saying nothing regarding allegations of ongoing intimidation by DNC officials to keep both the candidates and the media from directly challenging either her or her record.

Above: DNC Chairperson Debbie Wasserman Schultz, a longtime Clintonite, has been pushing back aggressively against anyone who attempts to exert influence on debate format and content other than that coming directly from her office. This includes what is said to have been an “extended and thorough” back and forth between the DNC and CNN when negotiating the terms of last night’s debate.

Above: DNC Vice Chair Tulsi Gabbard was disinvited to last night’s debate by Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s office due to Gabbard’s demand there be more Democratic candidate debates. Both Schultz and Hillary Clinton want as few debates as possible to ensure the process is more easily controlled by them.

Above: Former President Bill Clinton continues to exert significant influence within the Democratic Party. He is said to have promised substantial fundraising efforts to key Democrat officials in exchange for continued and unyielding support for Hillary’s campaign. Bill Clinton’s influence also extends into the Mainstream Media outlets like CNN, ABC, and most notably, NBC.

What last night’s debate did do without question was solidify Hillary Clinton’s hold upon the current Democratic Party power structure. So much so in fact, many are speculating a “get in the race” version of Joe Biden might soon be replaced by a “get out of the way” Joe Biden.

There is that matter of the FBI actively investigating Hillary Clinton, though. There was a brief moment when fellow presidential candidate, Martin O’Malley motioned toward Hillary Clinton and mentioned both email and FBI in the same sentence. The seeming perma-smile on Mrs. Clinton’s face suddenly vanished and was replaced by a grim tightening as she quickly looked toward DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz as if to say, “He needs to be punished for that.”


Hillary Clinton On President Obama: “He Doesn’t Know. He Doesn’t Care. He Doesn’t Have A Clue.”

An oddly confident and verbally aggressive Hillary Clinton was said to have made several less than supportive personal remarks about her former boss, President Barack Obama, while the current Democratic 2016 presidential front-runner was partying the night away at the millionaire’s summer paradise that is Martha’s Vineyard.

“He Doesn’t Know. He Doesn’t Care. He Doesn’t Have A Clue.”

So said the former Obama Secretary of State speaking of the current president to a gathering of longtime friends and political supporters. Mrs. Clinton’s mood was described as, “upbeat and defiant” as she and Mr. Clinton drank and danced among those they deem worthy of their trust. (And just enough Obama-friendly figures to ensure her words got back to Obama himself sooner rather than later.)

President Obama was the target of more than a few jokes that night as the gathering grew increasingly boisterous and the divide between the Obama and Clinton machines that much more pronounced.

Would the would-be-president’s newly discovered confidence regarding her email scandal be an indication she feels the administration will never allow her to be significantly punished? If so, that would likely indicate the Clintons have communicated to the Obama White House that one will not be allowed to fall without the other.

Perhaps that was the true motivation for the odd meeting between a former and current President of the United States on a Martha’s Vineyard golf course last week?

There certainly appears to be little love in those Clinton eyes…


BREAKING: Media Set To Unleash Illegal Workers Scandal Against Donald Trump

The path is being paved in real-time at this very moment and is apparently set to be unleashed “very soon.” An all out assault upon the Trump organization by Obama/Jarrett-approved operatives within the Mainstream Media to both humiliate and weaken the Republican candidate for his recent demand that something be done to secure the southern border.

Above: Barack Obama, Valerie Jarrett, and current Obama Attorney General Loretta Lynch are said to be facilitating the Mainstream Media’s soon to be all out attack against Donald Trump.


From a D.C. Whispers source:

“Donald Trump better be ready because the rumor that began late yesterday and now even more today is that they (the Obama administration) are preparing a full investigation of his hiring practices. They likely already have illegals ready and willing to cooperate with them (the government and already chosen media) and the end result will be a permanent black eye on the entirety of the Trump organization. He’s a wealthy man, but that wealth is a drop in the bucket when compared to the power of the U.S. government and its media machine. Trump is in big-big trouble. They want to destroy him. It seems to have become very personal with them. He has threatened decades of effort in changing the face of the voting public. Another five years, ten at most, and conservatism will be an insignificant minority throughout most the country. Republicans will be an arm of the Democratic Party meant only to keep up the appearance of a choice. There will be no choice. There already is hardly one now. Donald Trump is disrupting that dynamic and they won’t stand for it. The countdown to his demise begins now.”

UPDATE: Within 30 minutes of this report going live, CNN ran the following headline on its website:

“Trump ‘can’t guarantee’ legal status of his own workers”

And so it begins. Other similar media reports are likely soon to follow…


MUST SEE VIDEO: Barack Obama Calls Illegals, “Gang-Bangers Who Must Be Deported”

So when Donald Trump makes similar, albeit more enthusiastic/alpha-male styled comments, he is aggressively vilified but when President Obama this past week called illegal immigrants coming from Mexico and elsewhere dangerous criminals and gang-bangers who must quickly be deported, the far left media says NOTHING.

So which is it? Do we have a border security problem or not? Are dangerous criminals entering the country illegally or not? Should the President of the United States be condemned for having just said these comments?  If not, then should not the media be rightly called out for going after Donald Trump for saying much the same as Barack Obama regarding the mess that is the southern border of the United States?


President Obama Excited, Going “All In” Regarding South Carolina Memorial Speech

Apparently it has been the top priority for the Obama White House the last 48-hours. Not the economy. Not foreign affairs. Not attempting to solve  the still-ongoing VA hospital crisis or any number of other actual problems facing the country.

A speech.

Whispers suggest both Valerie Jarrett and Mr. Obama see today’s appearance in South Carolina at the memorial for Reverend Clementa Pinckney as “helping to define the president’s legacy.”

Since the church shooting last week, the Charleston, South Carolina community has come together and shown a remarkable amount of strength and dignity. This unified reaction has been a disappointment to some self-described civil rights leaders and apparently, some within the Democratic Party, including the Obama White House, who were hoping for a more “robust” reaction by black Charleston residents.

“The president’s speech is an all-in moment for him. It’s being said he has spent quite a bit of time rehearsing its delivery. People are suggesting he’s not going there to help with the healing though he’ll likely use the word more than a few times. Just the opposite. He wants people upset, agitated, and ready to put on a show. That’s the phrase that’s been repeated the most – put on a show.”

The president’s arrival at the Reverend Pinckney memorial takes place in  conjunction with a now-viral story of a South Carolina police officer being fired for posting online a picture of himself wearing a pair of Confederate flag boxer shorts. The story brings together both the Obama administration’s long-standing war on police officers, and its equally long-standing efforts to claim and then prove that the United States is, as the president himself has declared numerous times, a racist nation.

The veteran officer, Sgt. Shannon Dildine, was just issued a termination notice by his superior for undermining, “the trust and confidence citizens have in police because the Confederate flag “symbolizes hate and oppression.”

The officer’s firing is being applauded by some, namely civil rights activists and community organizers, while outraging others who cannot believe we are now apparently living in an America where one can be fired over a pair of boxing shorts.

The officer has ten days to appeal the decision and the story is generating considerable buzz in the hours just before President Barack Obama is due to “put on a show” regarding worsening racial tensions throughout the United States…


Barack Obama Dreams Of Running For President Again – Declares Himself “Fearless”

During a radio interview that had him declaring the United States as racist and using the N-word to emphasize his point, Barack Obama made some other remarks that have gone largely unnoticed by the Mainstream Media that offer further and troubling insight into a man seemingly obsessed with the belief he should remain the center of the known political universe…

During that same already infamous interview, the president indicated his belief that he would be an even better presidential candidate if he was running again for a third term because,

“I know what I’m doing and I’m fearless.”

Self-declared as both knowledgeable and fearless and a man pining for a third term as president.

That is Barack Obama version 2015.

In related news, it is just now being reported that the U.S. military is admitting it has a dire shortage of quick-deployment vessels for the Marines. It is being suggested that in the future American Marines be transported via other nation’s military equipment.

It seems unlikely most Americans, and certainly not its soldiers, would find such a thing knowledgeable or fearless but rather yet another sign things have gone terribly amiss within a nation seemingly teetering upon its own rapidly crumbling foundation.


BREAKING: Valerie Jarrett’s $160 MILLION Real Estate & Tax Scandal…

She is regarded by many as the primary power broker within the Obama White House, a woman who instills both fear and respect among even the top-tier D.C. political players. This past week it was discovered Valerie Jarrett is also one who took a particularly keen interest in avoiding paying more taxes on a cash-cow, $160 million dollar Chicago real estate deal that reportedly closed in 2013 – a deal the Mainstream Media has dutifully neglected to inform the general public about.

The above graphic is an accurate representation of Valerie Jarrett’s initial investment of $266,000 thousand dollars that soon after awarded her a million dollars in profit involving a multi-million dollar Chicago high-rise development. She then applied the very tax law loophole the Obama administration had publicly denounced as unfair to save herself $200,000 on those profits.

Even more troubling is the role Valerie Jarrett personally played in defeating a proposal to eliminate the “carried interest” loophole. That proposal was lobbied against by large development firms who claimed it would hurt the real estate market. While the Obama White House publicly claimed it favored eliminating the carried interest tax loophole, Valerie Jarrett, as the White House’s “business community liaison” was meeting privately with these same real estate developers regarding the proposed change to the tax law. During this time, Jarrett continued to speak out publicly in support of eliminating the loophole, but then the proposal was tabled with little explanation from the Obama administration as to why.

Not long after that, Valerie Jarrett found herself the recipient of a real estate investment that had more than TRIPLED in value and she then was the benefactor of saving some $200,000 in taxes due to the very same carried interest tax loophole she had publicly denounced.

The conflict of interest in having Valerie Jarrett represent the White House during closed door negotiations with the real estate industry regarding closing a tax loophole that later saved her hundreds of thousand of dollars is clear. It is a conflict of interest that would require a swift investigation by the Justice Department for anyone else other than Valerie Jarrett despite what appears to have been an egregious violation of federal law.

It would appear Mrs. Jarrett met numerous times with wealthy real estate developers while hanging the threat of removing a tax loophole that saved those developers millions of dollars every year. Soon after, she had a personal real estate investment that did remarkably well and lo and behold, the proposed change to the tax loophole suddenly disappeared.

To date, no such investigation has been forthcoming. The media has all but ignored the story.

It is up to YOU, readers to share with others.


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Obama Fumes: “They (Democrats) Are Making Me A G-Damn War President!”

The aftershocks of last weekend’s rebuke by fellow Democrats against his hopes for passage of a sweeping Asian-Pacific trade bill is apparently not sitting well with the president as he fumes this week over what could, and what he believes should, have been.

Democrats, including once-stalwart ally Nancy Pelosi, have been a very large fly in the legacy-ointment of a man who values his own well-crafted image above all else – and he’s none too happy about it…


“It is said he has come to hate the walk downstairs to the Situation Room. He doesn’t want bad news. He doesn’t want ISIL updates. He doesn’t want to listen to complaints from foreign leaders. He tried to organize the recent Israeli election in his own favor and failed. He remains an outcast of Merkel’s Germany. He watched as the liberal party was trounced in Great Britain. The Canadian Prime Minister tells jokes about him. Beyond the insulated bubble of the American media Barack Obama is increasingly viewed as an utterly incompetent clown – and he knows it. He placed great value in being the one to finalize an Asian-Pacific trade bill but his hubris left people no longer willing to risk their own political careers for his. That is a dramatic shift within his party, and he is mad as hell about it. He wants his image and influence to go far beyond America after 2016 but the Democrats in Congress just made that more difficult for him and he’s not used to having to actually work for anything. He is fuming over his foreign policy legacy, yelling to staff that they (Democrats) “…are making me a godd*amn war president!” As of this moment, the word that best describes this particular President of the United States is politically and emotionally unstable. He is having a very hard time coming to terms with his own irrelevance.”

The above quote from a D.C. operative appears to coincide with equally recent media reports of a president who gets up late, and quits work early. Whispers persist of a man increasingly detached from the day to day requirements of the job who has all but given nearly all actual authority over to longtime senior White House Adviser, Valerie Jarrett.

Just today, some in the media made mention of a secretive White House party that had music, drinking and dancing late into the night. It was dubbed a “celebration of African American music appreciation” but what some are suggesting is it was an invitation enjoyed by some very deep pockets in the hopes of securing further funding for the upcoming Obama Presidential Library which in turn will act as the initial front for the Obama Machine’s global ambitions whereby Obama becomes a highly lucrative brand name that requires little work from the actual man, but considerable financial gain and world political influence for both he and his handlers.

Democrats best be careful as this president and his multitude of advisers/investors will not have those plans easily denied…

The REAL Reason For The Attempted Hillary 2016 Reboot Last Weekend…(VIDEO)

While most in the Mainstream Media tried to downplay the fact Hillary Clinton is (once again) attempting to redefine herself to voters who continue to be less than enthusiastic about her campaign, the truth is out there.

Team Hillary remains in very big trouble…

Hillary overflow

(Image via White House Dossier)

The above is a photo of the “overflow” section for Hillary Clinton’s SECOND announcement speech over the weekend. Not a single person was to be found.

Apparently Team Clinton was well aware of the low numbers and was frantic to try and make certain the media did not communicate the lackluster turnout to the rest of the nation.

For the most part the campaign succeeded, though a particularly embarrassing clip did manage to sneak through. The below video is of the Hillary Campaign “Watch Party” that was to take place in Iowa during her big, much-advertised, weekend announcement.  Just six people showed up, and at least one was a campaign staffer.

Whispers now suggest when Team Hillary heard of the stunning lack of interest back in Iowa, they made certain to try and insulate candidate Clinton from the bad news.


“The campaign is getting more and more desperate to get some traction. They are blaming everyone and everything besides themselves but privately more and more are admitting the main problem is Hillary Clinton. They don’t have a show-horse but a tired, old mare who looks far more ready to be put out to pasture than a return to the White House.”


Check out the video below. This kind of thing happens to a no-name wanna-be candidate hoping to eek out some much-needed recognition. Never before has something so pathetic befallen a candidate who continues to be viewed as the “unstoppable” eventual winner for her party’s nomination to be the next president of the United States.


Appalling, abusive, and arrogant are just three of the descriptions that emerged from President Obama’s morning meetings with both Democrat and Republican members of Congress today as he tried in vain to accumulate the needed support for what is being called the”Obamatrade” legislation.

Apparently those meetings did not go well for the president, who lashed out at members of Congress and then left visibly upset over how few were willing to support him.

Today Congress was greeted with the many faces of Barack Obama, and apparently none of them were particularly positive or respectful and that has whispers spreading throughout Washington D.C. regarding just how poorly the meetings went between members of both political parties and the President of the United States.

“The president was said to be very defensive within minutes of his arrival. He snapped at staff, verbally bullied members of Congress, and finally left openly angry and frustrated. There were lawmakers who in turn felt the president’s abusive and arrogant behavior was appalling. They’ve seen him act out before, but not like this. He was every bit the spoiled little brat.”

The contentious environment was apparently not simply between Barack Obama and Congressional Democrats either, but in fact involved certain influential members of the Democratic Caucus telling Nancy Pelosi if she did not stand up to the president on the trade bill, her time as Minority Leader was over. Pelosi must have taken her own members at their word as she was among those who then told Barack Obama he didn’t have the votes. The president pushed back, Pelosi refused to budge, and the president then got up and walked out, “tight lipped and ready to leave.”

“He despises Congress. He despises the Supreme Court. He despises anyone or anything that doesn’t go along with every demand he has for his own agenda.”


UPDATE: Fox News confirmed much of this earlier D.C. Whispers report. Panelists on Special Report indicated the rift between Pelosi and members of her own House caucus who forced the Minority Leader to reverse her initial support for the Obamatrade bill. This resulted in what was described as a “striking” image of President Obama walking into the halls of Congress with Pelosi at his side and then Pelosi telling the president in a closed door meeting he didn’t have the votes – including her own!

President Trolls Halls Of Congress Promising $$$ For Passage Of Obamatrade

It is legislation that has made strange bedfellows out of the Obama White House and Republican party leaders who both want to see the president given unprecedented fast-track powers for what is now being called “Obamatrade.” Fearing he doesn’t have the votes, the president has made a rare appearance inside the halls of Congress itself, and is said to be promising large sums of campaign cash to those willing to support the legislation…

Stranger still, the president is said to have made this offer TO REPUBLICANS as well as Democrat lawmakers.

Let that one sink in.

A sitting Democrat president who has berated Republicans for over six years since moving into the White House is now promising 2016 campaign funds to some of those very same Republicans so that they will vote in favor of the fast-track trade treaty legislation.

This same wheeling and dealing comes soon after Republican Congressman Paul Ryan channeled Nancy Pelosi when he declared voters would have to wait until the agreement was passed before getting to see what was in it.

Stranger still is that Nancy Pelosi and other leading Democrats have come out AGAINST the bill that Barack Obama and some Republicans seem so desperate to pass! It is a situation that has D.C. operatives scratching their collective skulls.


“The president is blatantly playing both sides. He is hedging his bets with Democrats and kissing ass with enough Republicans in the hopes of saving the bill. Funny thing is, Democrats are the ones who are complaining the most about him. Some are saying they’ve been insulted by the president’s methods. Right now I’d put passage of the bill at no better than 50%. It’s going to be very-very close. The president left this morning in a very foul mood. Apparently he personally made threats against some legislators and they didn’t like it one bit.”


Oh my…


UPDATE:  Media reports now breaking that the fast-track legislation has failed to pass the House of Representatives, thus putting the entire TPP trade bill into jeopardy. These same reports indicate the strongest opposition to the legislation is coming from Democrats as well as confirming some very testy moments between the president and Democratic members of Congress.


Obama White House “Giddy” Over Prospect Of Healthcare Chaos…

Either the Supreme Court will rule in favor of the Obamacare subsidies or it will rule against them.

Regardless, the Obama Machine is said to be fully prepared to pounce on whatever ruling the Court hands down this month and use it to its own advantage…

Barack Obama and Valerie Jarrett are reportedly giddy over the prospect of having the Supreme Court striking down the subsidy program in a number of states across the nation. Chaos within the healthcare system will soon follow, and with the help of the Mainstream Media, the White House is fully prepared to then place all blame for the problems upon the Republican controlled Congress and anyone else who spoke out against Obamacare.

Look for stories of people unable to receive needed medical attention, claims of deaths due to the ruling, and a president unleashed upon all those who challenged a law called by his own name.

So says a D.C. political operative who now warns of a  Republican leadership oddly silent on what could soon be a disastrous political outcome for them that would be easily manipulated to favor the Democrats as the country prepares to once again cast votes in 2016.

“If the subsidies stand, he (the president) takes another victory lap. If the subsidies are struck down, he takes a far more high profile victory lap as he points to all of the short term problems that will result as the system breaks apart. If there was any time in our history where a majority of Americans would demand single-payer, it would be at that moment.”



Once that takes place, the socialist-progressive transformation of America will be complete…


Team Hillary Panics Over Drop In Polls As Big Money Eyes White House Alternatives…

Officially, there is little being said by the Hillary Clinton campaign. Unofficially though, they are saying plenty…


Not so long ago, the former Obama Secretary of State and First Lady enjoyed overall approval ratings near 70%.

Now, as more people have time to recall why they didn’t really care for her in the first place, those approval numbers have plummeted to just 45% according to the latest Washington Post data – polling that often tilts favorable toward Democrats.

“They like the idea of Hillary Clinton but they don’t like Hillary Clinton herself.”

So says a longtime D.C. operative and it is a sentiment apparently being shared by a growing number within the all-important political donor class.

“It’s still early, which is the only good news for her campaign, but nobody seems to have an idea of how to reverse the trend. The real problem for her right now, and it’s a big one, is that when she speaks she tends to be very polarizing. She’s hardly said a word publicly in the last few months and still her numbers are dropping fast. That’s a sign of real trouble inside a campaign.”

For Team Hillary, signs of stress cracks are becoming more visible.

“There is a brave face being put on publicly, but behind closed doors, some very smart people are wringing their hands wondering how they solve this likability and trustworthy issue. The scandals keep piling up and if even a few more in the media decide to really start reporting on them, she could be finished. They are all walking a very thin line right now between a real chance to win the White House, and a total campaign collapse and are working double-time trying to keep a tired and increasingly unhappy candidate moving forward.”


The above video clip was apparently enough to raise yet further concerns from high-powered liberal-progressive donors who remain unconvinced of Hillary Clinton’s ability to effectively close the deal. While campaign staffers continue to repeat the mantra that all is well, they also are being forced to admit, at least in private, that funding is beginning to stall. Their hope is this is but a temporary slowing of campaign contributions and not a more long-lasting trend.

To date, the Hillary campaign has not yet released any official campaign fundraising totals.

“They’ll get the money, but they are not happy about how hard they are having to work for it. Apparently the recent face-to-face with Mr. Steyer was not overly enthusiastic on his part regarding her campaign. People like him will put money elsewhere if they feel it will be better spent doing so.”



Obama Planning Triumphant Multi-Million Dollar, Taxpayer Funded Return To Kenyan Homeland

In July, President Barack Obama will be engaging in a high-profile return to the land of his father, the increasingly dangerous, divisive and scandal- ravaged nation of Kenya. It will be the first time Mr. Obama visits Kenya as president, and the first time he will have done so since 2006.

(Above: Barack Obama shown with his Kenyan grandmother in 2006)


The logistics of the journey will cost U.S. taxpayers tens of millions of dollars. In addition, the Kenyan government is among the most corrupt in the world, and Barack Obama’s visit will aid current Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta in convincing his people his rule is legitimate. The Kenyatta regime has been labeled among the most oppressive and corrupt in all of Africa, including charges he oversaw the killing of over a thousand of his own people during that country’s 2008 elections.

Kenya has also become among the primary nations that the radical Islamic terrorist group, Al-Shabaab launches attacks from, most notably against Christians, including the 148 recently killed by an Al-Shabaab attack on a Kenyan Catholic university.

The Obama administration has said very little regarding those attacks, or the influence  the militant group has upon Kenya itself, including whispers of cooperation between them and the very same Kenyatta regime Barack Obama’s visit will help to legitimize. Prime Minister Kenyatta has been widely criticized for his refusal to more aggressively counter the Al-Shabaab threat. Interestingly, it is criticism that is similar to leveled against Barack Obama for his own repeated indifference to radical Islam.

Apparently some within President Obama’s security detail have indicated concerns over both security and cost to ensure security during the Kenyan trip. It is said Barack Obama has given no opinion on the matter, but staff from within Valerie Jarrett’s office have declared the trip will proceed as planned – end of discussion.

Clinton Campaign’s Primary Concern: Serious Health Issues?

During much of 2014 there were consistent rumors that Hillary Clinton’s health might prevent her from running for the presidency in 2016. She had fallen and injured herself more than once in recent years, was absent from public for long stretches of time, but then re-emerged most recently to declare her intention to seek the Democratic Party nomination.

Despite that announcement, rumors persist from Inside the Beltway that Mrs. Clinton’s health is of far greater concern to the campaign than is widely realized, and that some in the media already know but are purposely keeping the secret hidden from the public.

The specific nature of the 67-year old Mrs. Clinton’s health issues remain speculative, though most whispers suggest it is hampering the former Secretary of State’s neurological abilities. She is said to continue struggling with occasional dizzy spells and at times, near debilitating fatigue as well as bouts of especially poor eyesight.

Her days apparently include a rather large regimen of medications to alleviate her symptoms and keep her focused. At times, that focus still suffers greatly, glimpses of which have already been spotted despite a Clinton campaign that remains highly guarded. To date, nearly every statement she has uttered in public has been prepackaged, as can be seen in this public forum in Iowa just two weeks earlier which shows her repeatedly looking down at her notes while speaking.

It has also been indicated Mrs. Clinton often wears a small ear piece (said to normally be placed in her right ear) that allows an aide placed off camera to assist her in answering even the most basic of questions if it appears she is getting mentally fatigued which apparently happens often due either to her medications, her overall health issues, or possibly both.

Concern over Hillary Clinton’s ability to perform during a long and arduous campaign are such that a number of the largest political donors have made personal inquiries into the former First Lady’s condition. To date it appears the response to these concerns from campaign staffers is that all is well and the campaign will proceed as planned.



Obama/Jarrett Meet Today With Middle East Climate Change Oil Billionaire

The official word from the Obama White House is that the meeting today between President Barack Obama and United Arab Emirates Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan to discuss such issues as ISIS, Iran, and Yemen, but it is rumored the primary purpose of the meeting is to further solidify Barack Obama’s current and future role in expanding the climate change agenda – and agenda that directly benefits the great oil powers of the Middle East.

HH General Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces (R), presents the Zayed Future Energy Prize Lifetime Achievement award to Former Vice President of the United States Al Gore (L) during the opening ceremony of the World Future Energy Summit, part of Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC) (Photo: Business Wire)

The photo to the left was taken recently showing Prince Mohammed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan giving a “lifetime achievement” award (and the $4 million that accompanies the award) to Al Gore for Mr. Gore’s work “in raising climate change awareness across the globe.” The United Arab Emirates prince has an estimated personal net worth of between 15 and 20 billion dollars, most of which he derives from his nation’s $500 billion dollar oil reserves fund.  Over the last decade, Al Nahyan has assumed primary control of the Middle East’s climate change propaganda machine, funneling hundreds of millions of dollars to organizations (and politicians) to greatly increase the agenda’s international influence which will in turn increase the value of oil reserves such as the ones that have made Al Nahyan such an incredibly wealthy man.


And now today the Obama/Jarrett White House will be kissing the proverbial ring of the Middle East climate change despot in the hopes of convincing the Crown Prince that they both have much to offer to his climate change scheme in the coming years – for a price of course. And if those future earnings working for Middle East oil money comes at the expense of the United States’ own domestic energy production, all the better say Jarrett and Obama.


Al Nahyan’s influence extends far beyond the current occupants of the White House though, indicating his climate change agenda is a machine of truly global implications, though he is no doubt working to influence the upcoming 2016 U.S. election. He is particularly close to Turkey’s Prime Minister (and Islamic radical)  Recep Tayyip Erdogan, as well as meeting regularly with Germany’s Angela Merkel, British Prime Minister David Cameron, other billionaire’s like Bill Gates (who donates generously to the Crown Prince’s climate change agenda) and of course various Obama administration officials, including the president himself.


It should also be noted that the only notable world leader who has indicated a willingness to push back against the UAE’s globalist demands is Russia’s Vladimir Putin. Putin, while investing with the Crown Prince’s UAE oil reserves fund,has indicated concerns over the UAE’s particular brand of influence throughout the Middle East and its repeated attempts to further control the world oil markets in conjunction with its House of Saud cousins. (Below you can note in two photos how differently the body language is between Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin when each man meets with the Crown Prince.)


Lastly, we should not forget the WikiLeaks documents in 2010 that outlined the UAE’s ongoing funding of such terrorist related groups as al-Qa’ida, the Taliban and Hamas, making Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan no more than a billionaire sponsor of global terrorism with a smile…








Al Sharpton Said To Declare Himself, “America’s Black Gandhi”

It’s being called the “Confirm Loretta Lynch Fast” and is being orchestrated primarily by MSNBC host and noted tax cheat, Al Sharpton. Sharpton is said to be working in conjunction with a handful of Congressional Black Caucus members and other female civil rights leaders (whose names have not yet managed to push themselves in front of Sharpton’s own demand to be front and center in all things race related in America) who are demanding Loretta Lynch be approved as Eric Holder’s replacement as Attorney General of the United States.

The already emaciated Sharpton reportedly had a boisterous phone conversation with a leading member of the Congressional Black Caucus during which he laughingly declared he would be, “America’s black Gandhi!”


Word of the claim filtered throughout congressional offices with most taking it as a joke.


Al Sharpton appears quite serious about his intent – at least image-wise.


Two days ago Politico reported the suggested hunger strike is actually not a hunger strike at all. Those participating will rotate times in which they won’t eat. That’s right, what Sharpton is actually proposing is a “we’re all a little hungry right now but we’ll take turns eating soon so none of us will actually starve” strike.


Ah, but here’s where Sharpton believes he’ll hit public relations pay-dirt.


With his gaunt appearance in place, it is being rumored he has already ordered up clothing too large for him in which he will soon appear in public surrounded by the media, declaring Loretta Lynch be approved. With a face now fallen into itself sitting atop bird-thin shoulders and remnants of a once over-fed chest, Sharpton is absolutely convinced he can play the part of a hunger strike martyr. Further rumors suggest the plan has already been reviewed and given the nod by Valerie Jarrett herself.

So keep an eye out reader, and see if the “Rev’s” plans for Gandhi-like reverence actually develop…