Unemployment At Historic Lows. Jobs Created. Consumer Confidence Soaring…Yet Liberal Elites Declare 2017 A Failure??!!

Terminal madness. That is the only thing to explain the right is wrong, up is down, good is bad, mindset of America’s liberal elite who are at this very moment attempting to paint 2017 as a near-apocalyptic failure. From CNN to the New York Times, the hyperbole is on overdrive even as everyday Americans celebrate one of the best years to come around in quite some time.

Check it out:

**HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS of dollars have poured into private citizen retirement accounts across America due to a soaring stock market and continued positive outlook from businesses both great and small.

**Unemployment is at historic lows – currently at just 4%.

**Consumer confidence is at a 17-year high, eclipsing the highly divisive presidencies of Establishment darlings, George W. Bush and Barack Obama.

**GDP is over 3% for multiple quarters – and climbing – numbers not seen during the entirety of the economic desert of the Obama years.

**Illegal immigration dropped by 50% in 2017 – unprecedented!

**For every new federal regulation enacted in 2017, sixteen were eliminated. Not even Ronald Reagan was able to boast that kind of deregulation success!

**BILLIONS worth in new America-First trade agreements that will equal even more jobs here at home.

**A tax cut bill passed that will put thousands more dollars into the pockets of Middle Class families and further help to re-energize Great Again American economy.

Does any of the above resemble failure in any way? NO.

2017 was one of the most remarkably pro-American years of White House accomplishment in generations. Mr. Trump managed to do so with little help from Congress and a 24/7 media war machine working against him.

Makes one even more hopeful for what 2018 might have in store…