Trump Is Rocking The Midterms Like No President Before Him…

The phrase ‘force of nature’ really doesn’t do Donald Trump justice. The president clearly doesn’t trust the Republican Party to handle the epic challenge being brought against Mr. Trump’s ‘America First’ platform on its own so has taken to barnstorming the country in an effort to energize the tens of millions of Trump supporters out there and get them to the polls come the Midterm elections in November. The response among voters has been astonishing as crowds very rarely seen during an off-year election cycle have become the norm for Mr. Trump. As the Establishment Media continues to push a ‘blue wave’ narrative meant to push Republicans from power in Congress, is Donald Trump once again preparing to prove them wrong? 

Thousands upon thousands of patriotic Americans are filling arenas across the country in support of the Trump presidency.


Soros Prepares To Buy Back Congress From Republicans

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Part II? As outlandish as that might have seemed just a year ago there are growing whispers throughout D.C. that such a scenario is far more likely now as the 2018 Midterm Election cycle looms. Chief among those who are working to make that happen is billionaire financier and political buyer of all things globalist, George Soros.

The money-game is a two-edged sword for the GOP Establishment who is now starting to complain about fundraising woes. Soros and his deep-pocket globalist cohorts are set to push hundreds of millions of dollars into the 2018 Midterms while millions of Trump supporters have grown disenchanted with a Republican-controlled Congress that has repeatedly blocked the Trump agenda. It is a condition that has led to the rise of the term “Trumplicans” – voters who remain firmly on the side of the President while casting an increasingly wary eye toward both political parties.

Here are two headlines that further highlight this ongoing political development:

House GOP Fears Wave in 2018 as Money Woes Grow

George Soros transfers $18 billion to his liberal philanthropic foundation

The Soros story is particularly telling. $18 billion is a LOT of payola. Rumors are rampant the 87-year-old Mr. Soros is eyeing 2018 as possibly his final big push to personally help to shift the world’s international leanings to the far left. The 2018 Midterms would here in America are now target #1 to make that happen.

With disenchanted Trump supporters unwilling to continue supporting the GOP Establishment and a Democrat Machine more motivated than ever to take back Congress Speaker Pelosi Version II just might happen…