HUH…George Soros’s Son Has Op-Ed Published In NYT Condemning Political Violence Within An Hour Of Pipe Bomb Story Breaking

The timing of Alexander Soros’s published piece in the New York Times today will do nothing to quell the understandable skepticism of the ‘pipe bomb’ story that broke across all news agencies earlier today given the article was apparently written and then published within an hour of the events being made public.

Image result for pipe bomb CNN

That’s not just a quick response—it’s a response to events happening almost in real time. So, while Mr. Soros is absolutely correct in his condemnation of political violence of any kind, the speed at which he and the New York Times were able to publish a response to the pipe bomb story within an hour of that story breaking is fuel to the conspiratorial fires now swirling around the entire situation. 

Here is the link to the NYT opinion piece by Alexander Soros published within an hour of the pipe bomb story breaking titled, The Hate That Is Consuming Us:

It is also interesting to note that Mr. Soros’s pipe bomb events reply in the New York Times came less than 24-hours after he was featured here in D.C. Whispers via his alleged links to the human caravan making its way to the U.S. Mexico border:

What’s This? Just Nancy Pelosi With George Soros’s Son Last Month Wearing A ‘DACA Dreamers’ Hat.

Is it all just a remarkable coincidence of timing?

Who knows.

For now, let’s all be grateful no-one was injured and hope that the person or person’s responsible for sending the packages are located by law enforcement and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.