Why All The Trump Detractors Need To Get Out Of The Way, STFU, And Let This President Do His Job…

4.1 % GDP growth was announced today. By comparison – that’s about 200% BETTER than what took place during the average for all the Obama years. It’s a GDP number that reflects MILLIONS of new, high-paying jobs. More jobs in fact than we have workers to fill them. Retirement accounts are rising. So too are incomes, savings, and the nation’s overall economic well-being. The trade deficit is down, more trade deals are being negotiated, factories in America are opening instead of closing, Black and Hispanic unemployment are at historic lows. Trump was right – his detractors have been proven time and time again to be wrong. Remember when Barack Obama said THIS regarding Mr. Trump’s economic optimism back in 2016?

Donald Trump is checking off nearly every promise he made to the American people despite months of media and political opposition. That opposition must stop. This president must be allowed to do his job for once unfettered by the daily barrage of anti-Trump media attack. Given how well he has done for America so far, imagine how much better he could do if given just half the support that was afforded hid presidential predecessor?

Note: The Establishment Media is already attempting to attack the great news of 4.1% GDP growth, claiming that during the Obama years there was an equal or even greater GDP number. That claim is partly true. What those media reports won’t disclose is those GDP numbers by Mr. Obama were on the backs of the American taxpayer in the form of trillions of dollars of deficit spending. Remember things like “cash for clunkers” or the trillion-dollar “Obama stimulus” bill? That represented fake growth as employment participation went down, jobs went overseas, the deficit doubles, and the nation’s economic outlook declined. President Trump’s success if real – built not on higher taxes and government spending but lower taxes, less regulation, less government intervention, more money in the pockets of everyday Americans, the return of lost jobs, the creation of new jobs, and a much stronger economic outlook that we ever saw during the Obama years.

Let Donald Trump keep doing what he’s doing – because it’s working for ALL Americans.


REPORT: 2017 Has Been A GREAT Year For The American Working Class (VIDEO)

The media is ignoring something remarkably positive about the current U.S. economy – the American working class is enjoying year over year gains that far exceed the “professional” class of U.S. workers. It is a an astounding bounce-back from the anemic recovery of the Obama years that favored government workers and the 1% over all others. The Trump recovery so far has been a true recovery that is lifting up everyone but most notably lifting up the very group of people Democrats claim to care the most about but whose policies have decimated the Middle Class for decades.

Donald Trump is managing to accomplish something very special and doing so largely on his own without the help of anyone in Congress, the media, etc. 

Watch Laura Ingraham explain: