Freedom Is The New Rebellion

The Democrat Party loathes freedom. It is a party ruled by liberal fascism that would have day to day decisions of one’s life dictated by centralized mandates coming from government. Kids have been taught at a very young age to accept this. They do so willingly, thinking their modern-era contraptions like smartphones and related social media allow them freedom while not realizing those things are already so highly regulated (and used to spy on them) they are in fact the antithesis of real freedom. They are not only being told what to do, but what to think.

From this comes an updated version of rebellion – a growing movement of freedom, liberty and self-determination that is attracting seemingly disparate factions among White, Black, Brown, Young, Old, Gay, Straight, those of Faith, and those happily faithless. It is a war for the soul of America. A war for the soul of all humanity. 

It is a war with battles waged and won called Brexit, and the 2016 presidential election here in America that saw the first true political outsider emerge victorious against the political machines of both parties and the Mainstream Media. Those same two parties and that same media are still working to destroy Donald Trump. They will not stop until either they succeed, or Americans no longer allow them to do so. (Which will it be, America?)

The Freedom Rebellion is now underway in France where a “Make France Great Again” politician named Marine Le Pen, a 47-year old conservative who is defiantly proud of her national identity and her nation’s long and storied history. She will likely face a daunting challenge in overcoming the forces of globalism so entrenched in her county, but to see her vying for the position of France’s next president is testament to how sweeping the Freedom Rebellion has become across the globe. Ten years ago a figure like her would never be so competitive in a national election.

There is no irony in the story this week of hearing one of the loudest/snarling voices of the counter-culture some forty years ago now declaring his admiration for the Brexit vote and Donald Trump. Johnny Rotten despises conformity. Liberal fascism demands that conformity from all of us. The Freedom Rebellion says NO to such conformity. Let us think for ourselves, thank you very much. One of the architects of Punk recognizes that figures like Trump and Le Pen are the political rebels of this age, pushing back against soul-sucking group-think and centralized authority.

The Whole World Is Watching.

And We’re Taking It Back.


Michelle Obama Declares That Without The Obamas, America Is Now Hopeless (VIDEO)

Wow. A uniquely classless effort by a self-focused and arrogant First Lady as we have seen in our collective lifetimes. Michelle Obama sits with Oprah and states that while she and her husband brought America hope, the election of Donald Trump has now left the nation hopeless. This despite poll after poll showing Americans are feeling MORE hopeful following Mr. Trump’s remarkable Election Day victory.

Mrs. Obama is not only shockingly arrogant, but shockingly dumb as well:

The First Lady actually snorts on air as she gives her views of an America she has never understood following the victory by a man both she and her husband once ridiculed.

It appears they aren’t laughing so much anymore, are they?


Can Trump Save America & The World? More & More Say YES…

Ignore the Mainstream Media’s ongoing hatred of the man who broke the back of the closed-to-the-public-club that is the socio-political establishment in America. They will be slow to reality as they have always been since the day Donald Trump announced his intention to run for President of the United States.

The real movers and shakers of this nation, those who risk their own collective futures on what may or may not be, are sensing the seismic shift now underway in Washington D.C. and beyond.

Happy days are here again.

The Age of Trump is upon us.


The stock market surge, what some are referring to as the “Trump Bump” is no mere happenstance. No, that surge is directly correlated to the promise of sweeping de-regulation and business-positive tax reforms first promised by then-candidate Trump, and now being readied by a steady and capable President-Elect Trump.

Steady and capable, you say?


Again, ignore the Mainstream Media’s pathetic attempts to magnify every seemingly disparate detail of the Trump transition process. The team Donald Trump is putting together is a remarkable collection of talent that clearly shows he intends to make good on his campaign promises. It is in fact, a decisive call to action that has so many in the Mainstream Media most frightened for what they see as a potentially disastrous outcome – for them.

That outcome is a President Trump and America, succeeding.

“This is a president who clearly intends to get things done.”

So said Charles Krauthammer earlier this week when discussing President-Elect Trump’s cabinet choices, a news personality who has long been a vocal critic of the Trump campaign.

From the repeal and changing of Obamacare, the transformation of the Departments of Education and Health and Human Services, infrastructure, military, commerce…the list is growing longer and more impressive at an astonishing pace being set by President-Elect Trump himself, and being done in such a way, the political outsider is forcing the insiders to come to him.

The Trump administration is a fascinating mix of renegades and establishment, all being focused upon, as Mr. Krauthammer said so clearly, to the task of getting things done. If Donald Trump had gone entirely renegade, (as some of his supporters no doubt wanted) Washington D.C. would have shut him out and little, if anything, would have been accomplished. If he had gone entirely establishment, the voter-backlash that put him into power in the first place would have so great as to see his approval ratings and political influence, plummet.

Instead, the President-Elect is navigating these troubled political waters with a hand far more deft than any of his detractors, and likely many of his supporters, would of thought him capable of. And yet, is that not the multi-decade business history of Donald Trump? Has he not done that very thing as one of the most successful New York developers in that greatest and most challenging of cities? A remarkable success that extends well beyond New York that has brought Mr. Trump into hard-fought negotiations with economic and political leaders around the world?

Perhaps we shouldn’t have been so surprised then to see Donald Trump bringing all that considerable real-world experience and success to the White House. We are now witness to the Art of the Deal being engaged at a national level with already remarkable success.

Since Trump’s stunning Election Day victory, Ford Motors has indicated its keeping some of its previously endangered production plants in America, and more recently, Carrier Air Conditioning has indicated the same. Apple has hinted at initiating at least some of its multi-billion dollar phone production in the United States as well, and more and more businesses are now echoing similar sentiment.


He said it, didn’t he?

But, unlike the typical politician, Donald Trump is moving swiftly to turn that promise into reality, and America, and the world, will be far more prosperous and safer for it.



A deathly discovery rocks the island community, stirring doubts about their new sheriff, and turning old friends into new rivals.

Dark Waters (San Juan Islands Mystery) by [Ulsterman, D.W.]



United Nations Demands America Give Up Its Guns…

The head of the United Nations Human Rights Council just demanded that political leaders in America enact, “…robust gun regulation” – code for U.S. citizens to give up their guns.

ABOVE: Zeid Ra’ad Zeid Al-Hussein, a Jordanian who is among the most influential officials within the U.N., tells America to give up its guns NOW.


Apparently, Al-Hussein neglected to learn of the facts of human history that show the greatest atrocities through time have been perpetrated by tyrannical governments slaughtering unarmed citizens.

Or, perhaps he in fact knows that history all too well.

This is not the first time Al-Hussein has demanded the United States change its ways. Last year he condemned America for what he called its “racist and bigoted” society that “demonized” minorities.

He is also a longtime globalist who feels international law must supersede individual nation courts and has devoted the last decade of his life to that end.

It should also be noted Mr. Al-Hussein made no mention of radical Islam in his rebuke of American gun rights…



First, the New United Nations took their guns. Then it took their freedoms. 

Then it took their lives.




“Fellow patriots take notice, Mr. Ulsterman has penned prophecy!” -Dr. L. Darryl Armstrong