Angel Moms Storm Chuck Schumer’s Office Demanding He Support Border Wall Now

It’s the real side of the ongoing border security and government shutdown story the Establishment Media chooses to ignore for it’s the story of thousands of families negatively impacted by the open border policies of the far left who would rather play politics vs helping to keep America safe. This week a group of mothers who have lost children to violent illegal immigrants stormed the office of Senator Chuck Schumer and demanded he end the government shutdown and support border security.

Despite the terrible pain and grief these mothers suffered, they conducted themselves with the utmost respect while standing outside Senator Schumer’s office as they held pictures of their children lost to illegal immigrant violence.  The Angel Moms also visited Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office. Both Pelosi and Schumer refused to meet with the mothers.

Why is it Democrats are so willing to side with illegal immigrants over the needs of parents to keep their families safe? How could any leader oppose a nation’s fundamental duty to secure its borders and enact common sense immigration policies that protect ALL citizens regardless of race and/or socio-economic background? 

Why indeed. 

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