Maddow & Media’s Epic Fail Over Trump Tax Return “Story”

It began with a “breathless” tweet from MSNBC personality, Rachel Maddow promises her show had acquired copies of “Trump tax returns.” This tweet then went viral as other media figures waited in anticipation for the much-hyped blockbuster.

It’s now less than 24-hours later and this same media, and certainly Rachel Maddow, were exposed as fools who actually bolstered Donald Trump’s standing as a successful man who more than paid his fair share in taxes.

The backlash against Maddow for here non-story was fierce, much of it coming from her own viewers:

Those 2005 tax returns had already been released by the Trump White House and were reported on by the Wall Street Journal last year. When people realized the crap Maddow was pulling, they were understandably upset:

The only thing revealed by this failed MSNBC non-story was just how motivated the media is to find anything to try and disrupt and/or discredit the Trump White House. After Maddow explains how Donald Trump paid nearly $40 million dollars in federal taxes on more than $150 million dollars in income, this is how White House correspondent April Ryan responds:

Mrs. Ryan appears to think an annual income tax return is supposed to reflect an individual’s entire wealth. (It only reflects on year of income, not assets, investments, etc. More than $150 million in annual earnings sure as heck is the rarefied air of billionaire income.) Remember, this is a woman who’s job it is to ask questions of the President of the United States. Once again, Twitter erupted in condemnation of such stupidity from someone who no doubt thinks they are smarter than most and must do all they can to destroy President Trump in order to “save” the little people of America:

The Mainstream Media’s Fail Train continues to approach the cliff full speed ahead…