Calm Under Fire: Trump Stands Ground As Protester Attempts To Rush Stage (VIDEO)

Tensions are no doubt high for Donald Trump’s Secret Service detail. This morning in Ohio that tension escalated quickly as an apparent anti-Trump protester attempted to rush the stage directly behind the GOP frontrunner as he gave a campaign rally speech to another large crowd of supporters.

You can hear the crowd shout out a warning, and then Mr. Trump turns and sees movement out of the corner of his right eye.

Watch as Trump whirls around and then takes a step TOWARD the apparent trouble. His natural instinct appears to be to fight.

Most voters will likely find something to admire in that. And kudos to the Secret Service for their quick and professional response.  It has been reported earlier that threats against the Mr. Trump are growing as his popularity continues to increase. Last night’s large staged protest in Chicago by various far-left groups is no doubt but the first of any such attempts to disrupt the Trump campaign and intimidate his millions of supporters into silent submission.

Watch the video below:


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