Democrat Party Imploding: DNC Hopes Bernie Supporters Too Stupid/Lazy/Incompetent To Remember What REALLY Happened In 2016

Bernie Sanders won a LOT of votes during the 2016 presidential primaries. Unfortunately for him and his millions of supporters, the vote was rigged to favor Hillary Clinton. She was given debate questions ahead of time. Big money flowed into her campaign. The Establishment Media refused to give balanced coverage to Senator Sanders. In the end, Hillary won by cheating. That’s why so many showed up to protest the DNC convention. Those protests were blacked out by the same media who helped to nominate Hillary Clinton.

Not everyone has forgotten the real crimes and coverup that took place in 2016, though. The DNC is corrupt to the core and many refuse to sit down and shut up about it…

H.A. Goodman is a leftist – but an honest one who despises the Clinton/Obama crime syndicate that has long run the Democrat Party. He knows the DNC is covering up far-reaching election fraud and is doing all he can to remind the millions of other Bernie supporters about it. The DNC is confident enough will fall for its bogus claims that too few will demand to know that truth.



THIS is the primary reason Senator Al Franken and Congressman John Conyers  are stepping down. Party leaders didn’t care so much about either lawmakers doing the right thing but rather saw it as an opportunity to use them as examples for what they now want President Trump to do – namely resign due to unproven sexual misconduct allegations.

Here is a near-death-looking Senator Bernie Sanders making that very claim – one that the Establishment Media has been preparing to roll out in earnest over the last 48-hours as they attempt to deflect and then weaponized the sexual misconduct allegations now falling down upon THEIR political party: